What The Headcrab: Episode 002

25th October 2015

Howdy All. Here we are with another quick “What The Headcrab” episode. It’s been a few weeks since the last one, but I have tried to be judicious in selecting the posts.

If you don’t know what this podcast is about, please read the What The Headcrab: Introduction.

Below is the podcast, along with the links to each topic mentioned, along with my very brief notes.

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Top News

So before I start on the usual sections, I recently became aware of a mod called Lost Story: The Last Days of Earth and thought you should check it out. Any Sci-Fi adventure mod is of interest to me and this looks pretty good. It seems they update their ModDB profile more than their official site, so check that out if you prefer.


Let’s see what’s been happening over on ModDB.

  • The Closure
    Leon continues to work away on his opus. He is getting close and it’s good to hear it WILL eventually get released.
  • Punt : Rebirth
    They have released a 3D model and some soundtracks. Looks interesting, but I fear Portal reimaging has gone too far.
  • Half-Rats: A Fever Dream – Coming Next Week!
    I hate the hand but like the concept. Only a few days to go until you can play it.
  • Rainfall Uplink Demo Released
    Silly name, but it looks good. I’ll play and see if I can add it to the site this week.
  • SMOD: Half-Life: Opposing Force: Source
    Aulov Nikolay has got to be the most ambitious modder on the planet. He says he wants to make about 50 maps for this – C R A Z Y. I have to be honest and say I don’t know the difference between this and his other OF mod.
  • Half-Life: R Minor Update 7
    I mentioned this mod last episode and the works continues. Have to say the models look fantastic – and that’s from a person who doesn’t really care what the weapons look like.
  • SHAFT: Progress Update 3
    Check the video out below for the full details but this looks really interesting for me.
  • Raising the bar: A Wall-tastic update
    New textures shown as spheres.
  • [Subs4] Development progress update #06
    At first I wasn’t too interested in this mod but then I watched the video and now I am. I love that whole “loading” process. Really nicely done.

And that wraps up the ModDB section.


Couldn’t find anything new on GB for this episode, sorry.


Phew, this is a mess of a month. I am not going to be talking about HL3.txt at all. Check the MISC section for that. OH, and I’m DEFINITELY not mentioning HATS! I’ve tried to be very strict about the posts I have added this month. here goes.

That’s it from Reddit. I really did keep it lean, didn’t I?


Obviously, there is a bunch of rubbish about Half-Life uploaded everyday, but within that are some gems. here is what I found recently.

  • Let’s play Half-Life… UPSIDE DOWN (Part IV)
    Pretty amazing really.
  • Half-Life 2 on the Steam Controller with Mouse/Key Emulation
    SirCrest plays Half-Life 2 with the Steam Controller.
  • Half life on a 486
    How old does that make me feel?
  • Half-Life 2 Gravity Gun Replikat / Replica version. Amazing Work.
    OMG: Oh My Gordon. A fantastic
  • Hope you enjoyed those.


    Here are a few things I found elsewhere.

    Final Thoughts

    I’m still fidning my way around Tumblr, but hopefully soon, I’ll have a new section for that.

    Please feel free to send links and items for the next podcast and also to comment on what you would like to see more or less of.

    Remember, finishing Half-Life is just the beginning! CYA.


    1. Lost Story looks interesting.

    2. Pingback: » Lost Story

    3. Anon_1408323

      You don’t need a steam box or steam link for it . The controller is kinda cool and innovative but because pc mustard race its not that needed .

      1. because pc mustard race


        1. Haha. It’s a take on the common phrase “Glorious PC Gaming Master Race” coined by Yahtzee Croshaw from Zero Punctuation. It’s often used to dismiss console gamers / gaming in general

      2. I watched Brutalmoose’s stream where he was using it with Portal and neither he (nor I) seemed that impressed with it. He tried its different modes, like having the control pads act like trackballs or analog sticks, but it’s hard to say that any of it was superior to a typical Xbox controller. The Steam UI made it look highly configurable, but it didn’t explain what many of the options did, using a lot of technical jargon as labels.

        I’m all for trying new ideas, but the designs that have been settled on happened for a reason. The PS and XB controllers have been largely unchanged for the last 10+ years. Newcomers like the Amazon Fire, Nvidia Shield and Ouya all followed the same approach. We already had an age of wacky controller experimentation in the late 90s and this was the end result. We’re now in the iterative phase where we take the same idea and make it better in subtle ways. I’m not saying that experimentation with brand new ideas is pointless, but sometimes you’ve got to ask yourself whether or not your new idea really an advancement, or if it is simply new.

    4. Very nice podcast!

      I have now checked out the Rainfall Uplink Demo which I didn’t know existed. For the record, it’s a redesign of the Uplink demo of Half-Life, which is why it has the same name. 🙂

      Also, I knew about Lost Story, but thought it had long since died. Definitely going to start keeping an eye on that one again.

      1. For the record, it’s a redesign of the Uplink demo of Half-Life, which is why it has the same name. 🙂

        Then I make public apology to the team.

    5. Hec

      WOW, I’m absolutely blown away by that serious mod “The Lasts days of Earth” I mean I’ve always been a gamer who really awaits eagerly for a 7HR related serious mod!!! I mean, I always have wanted to play a mod related specifically into the CMB invasion of earth.

      I think that’s why I like 1187 mod, because dares to develop the story a little bit before the CMB invasion. I think 1187 is the only mod which is specifically developed into that part of the HL Universe.

      I hope this came up without any trouble and I hope and I’m quite sure these awesome guys who are working on it will make it!

    6. SHλFT looks incredibly interesting. Especially the combat. Other than that, great podcast as always, Phillip!

    7. Oh, and I’d love to play HL Upside Down! Will quadrazid release it?

      1. To be honest, I haven’t thought about how he set it up. I will contact him and ask.

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