1. andyb

    A mod you wouldn’t like?

  2. Mister Nameless

    Silent Escape: http://www.moddb.com/mods/silent-escape

    (Another – improved – version might come out later, though).

    1187: Rogue Train (an add-on for 1187, which also includes a reworked version of 1187) : http://www.moddb.com/mods/1187/downloads/1187-rogue-train

    In terms of total conversions, there’s Grey (very “Nightmare House 2”-like, very scary): http://www.moddb.com/mods/grey


    The Shadow Over Innsmouth: http://www.moddb.com/mods/the-shadow-over-innsmouth

    1. Thought I posted that one lol.Must of forgot to hit submit

  3. I might be wrong, so forgive me if I am, but I recently stumbled on Aberration


    and quite enjoyed the experience.

  4. Hec

    Yep, Silent Escape, is like a MUST BE Avalable here in PP.com.

    Total horror Convertion, Grey i’ll complete it it till december…

    And The Shadow over Imsmouh or like they mentioned avobe, I have no idea of how this is like and also i’ll try it till december…

    And gosh!!, finally Black Mesa Source, hope there will be well recived and reviewedc here on PP.com, but due to my current obligations, I also will be able to play it till november-december 🙁

    Oh yeah, and if u try Cry of Fear, is on 1.5 verssion now, updating and adding 6 new custom campaigns, if u wanna try, i’ll definitely try it till december, if they don’t keep moving to 1.6 verssion or further ones!!!

    1. Hec

      Oh yeah I played The Shadow Over Insmouth…, so far is an interesting TC initiavie but sooo uncompleted and I think even bggy at the end….

  5. grabbie

    Chapter 1 of Hatch 18 came out. Enjoyable but flawed experience. You will need to grab the English patch as well on moddb.

    Mod: http://www.moddb.com/mods/hatch-18/downloads/hatch-18-chapter-1-forgotten-passenger
    Patch: http://www.moddb.com/mods/hatch-18/downloads/hatch-18-chapter-1-english-patch

  6. musterfox

    Not a new mod by any means (currently on version 11) but certainly looks interesting.

    Haven’t been able to play it myself unfortunately as the current version requires a 64 bit Windows OS and I am on 32 bit XP.


    1. Good choice!

      I have Cinematicmod.4 on my XP machine because that’s its limit. Version 5 onwards does not support 32bit OS.
      Version 4 gives you character choices and you do get a better Alyx or a new one if you like! For EP.1 also.
      Music is so much better being cinema soundtrack samples.

  7. Shadgrimgrvy

    You don’t have Hypnophobia on here. You had the first two maps in the series; Paranoia and Insomnia. It’s another one of those abstract maps: http://gamebanana.com/hl2/maps/162214

  8. Major Banter

    Black Mesa.

    HO HO HO

  9. Frankly, I think that you should re-release older mods that few players who are members now, even tried. I got the idea when I reviewed “Drainage”, an excellent mod but older, so many newer members never even saw it. It only got reviewed 6 times I think. And it is all dark green and blue (I was the blue). I think any old mod that is all green and blue that few reviewed, should be re-released and brought to the top of the forums to be tried by newer members.

    Just an idea. I would be interested to see if new reviews kept it in the green (and blue!)

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