Week 21

25th May 2016

First off, Dan Jordan AKA The Rabbit, continues his Source of Fame event, where he plays a Half of Fame Source release.

This weekend he is playing The Citizen on Saturday at 12pm Pacific Standard Time, which I believe is 8pm UK / 9pm Europe. But you should double check the Time & Date.Com website for your local time.

Secondly, Phillip will be continuing his Level Design Academy: Practice Sessions on Saturday at 12pm Central European Time. You should double check the Time & Date.Com website for your local time.

Dan and Phillip will be giving away a game each. Dan will be giving away a copy of Bad Rats: the Rats’ Revenge, which Phillip has been promising to give away for two weeks now – sorry about that. And Phillip will be giving away a copy of The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Director’s Cut.

Both giveaways are courtesy of Aaron’s SteamContests.com, so a huge thanks to him and his site – go check it out to have a chance to win more games.

All streams will be on the RTSL Twitch Channel and announced on the RTSL Twitter Feed.

All streams will be uploaded to the RTSL YouTube channel during the following week.

If you have any questions about the streams, just ask.


  1. I’ve got a wedding on Saturday, but I might be able to catch Source of Fame depending on when I get home.

    I’ll have to catch up on the practice session on Sunday.

  2. I won’t be streaming my practice today, sorry. PC still not working properly after reformat yesterday.

    1. At least I didn’t miss it 😛

  3. OJJ

    I’ve lost an entire level just now, don’t know what happened but I just opened up a file i’ve been working on for a while now and it is completely empty now. Is all hope lost or is there some way to retrieve it? And no, there’s nothing hidden

    1. OJJ

      Phew, I found the bsp was safe so I decompiled the map, but for some reason at random decompiled maps lose all their entities for me when I try to open them a second time, is there a way to make sure it doesn’t happen with my map?

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