Week 07: Livestream Schedule and Giveaways

17th February 2016

Firstly, Don AKA Unq will be continuing his event, Classic of the Month, where he replays GoldSource mods. This weekend it is Under the Black Moon. He will be streaming Sunday at 12pm EST, that’s 5pm GMT.

Next up, Jim Partridge and I MIGHT be continuing his event, Critical Jim, where he brutally analyses mods. This weekend it is the second part of Uncertainty Principle. The weekend before last, he and I talked about the first half. We will probably stream Saturday afternoon at 2pm GMT, but will confirm on Twitter and Facebook.

I will be streaming Prospekt at 10am GMT TOMORROW. I know that is a shitty time but it is the official release and that is the earliest I am allowed to do it. I will be streaming for exactly 1 hour and giving a copy of the game away during the stream.

During the weekend, one copy of Killing Floor 2 will be given away, both courtesy of SteamContests.com AKA Aaron’s Giveaways, so a HUGE thanks to Aaron. There might be some other games to giveaway too, I will see.

All streams will be on the RTSL Twitch Channel and announced on the RTSL Twitter Feed.

If you have any questions about the streams, just ask.


  1. This may not be the place , but can someone help with the transition from the first map to the second , what do I need to place in my map to make it work ?

    1. You need a trigger_changelevel brush and a info_landmark, both named the same and placed in the exactly same position on both levels (where the transition occurs)


    2. It’s a combination of trigger_changelevel, trigger_transition and info_landmark.

      Changelevel is what triggers the level load, either by the player stepping into it (if Disable Touch is unchecked) or by the input ChangeLevel. You provide it the name of the level you want to load and the Landmark.

      Transition is a volume that defines what carries over between levels. Anything contained within the transition volume, like items or physics props, will get carried into the next level. So, for example, if the level changes in a hallway, the Transition trigger should cover the whole hallway. Otherwise, they would magically disappear because they belong to the previous level and will be unloaded with it. The Transition should share the same name as the Landmark.

      The Landmark defines what the Transition is relative to. This makes it so the ending coordinates of the first map don’t have to be the starting coordinates of the next. It positions the Transition relative to itself.

      The next level needs all of these things as well, even if it’s a one-way connection. Generally, you can just copy-paste the hallway and these three things into your next level wherever you want them, changing values were needed.

    3. Unq

      Maki has good info. I would also point you to the VDC here: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Level_Transitions

      Dan, first and foremost I would make sure that you NEED to have two levels (I’m assuming this is going to be for a Ville challenge?). If you can make everything in one level (even with a teleport if you need to) it makes things easier.

      1. First I have to say thank you Jason , you are always here to help me 😀 , and second I need the second level , because I want to change the skybox texture , and change the props in the map and the level in general , even I if could make all of this without changing the map I’d still do it for performance issues.

  2. Can’t wait for the prospekt stream. Will there be a page for prospekt on RTSL or will reviews for it only be on steam?

    1. Yes, at some point very soon, I will create a page for it. It only seems right since it is a game set in the HL universe.

      1. That’s good. When I get around to it, I look forward to reviewing it. I want to see what a $10 mod looks like. 😛

  3. Oooh, late one’s this time. Still, gonna try and check these out. 😀

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