The Innocent Eternity

for Half-Life

1st January 1998

Sci- Fi Single Player First Person Shooter Games Half Life 2 Doom 3 Far Cry Unreal UT2004 Quake Mods

Basic Details
  • Title: The Innocent Eternity
  • File Name:
  • Original File Name:
  • Size : 693
  • Author: Vladislav G. Vlasiuk
  • Date Released: 06 April 1999
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  1. Mel
    Think Twice

    frustrating puzzle orientated game, impossible without cheating.

  2. 2muchvideogames

    I beat it without cheating, but there were alot of soldiers and aliens and it turns out its not finished so you are promptly killed by triggers in the second map.

  3. Think Twice

    Very bad map. Like some other reviewers on this map. I had to cheat as well.

    Also, quite some grunt and alien spam, because that makes a good map, right?

  4. Think Twice

    The Innocent Eternity is a very tricky little map that starts out as a grunt fest and soon devolves into Xen alien spamming areas. The grunt fights are tricky because there are usually one or more grunts in every room you come to, and they always have their sights trained on the door you enter by. Thankfully, you have more than enough grenades to deal with most of the grunts, but you need to be quick and get them in through the doors before they close.

    At the half way point, after a surprisingly easy encounter with some assassins in a large open area, you power up a generator. After that, there are monster spawners at regular intervals when you’re back tracking and these appear to spawn endlessly. This often means that whilst you’re dealing with the vort that just spawned in front of you, another will spawn behind you.

    Not fun but certainly doable without cheating… until the second map simply kills you with a trigger.

  5. Maybe?

    Another pak I extracted bsps from, guess this was before the days of the ‘Custom Game’ menu option. Annoying map names, first.bsp and second.bsp.

    The flashy opening is actually fun because it’s you can climb up on the rocks and get a better vantage point, I don’t think Vlas expected this. Actually, you don’t need higher spot, you can kill all 3 hgrunts without them seeing you. The map has a reasonable flow, Vlas knows how to map, guessing he made Quake maps too.

    The moving bridge is dope but it’s so much faster to just jump across. Ugh, I hate infinitely respawning enemies. Uh, second map is just a single room with a kill trigger at the end? Oh well.

    This map is alright, it’s not actually good but a decently playable map from 1999 is worth checking out IMO.

  6. Think Twice

    Very hard to play in the beginning with so many crazy soldiers walking like a flee all the way around, tossing their frag grenades and shooting as they see you. You may need some luck to get rid of them in the first areas. In the lobby more troubles, 2 assassins, if they see you: you are just lost. Those invisible Splinter Cell Sam Fisher brothers are quite dangerous with their silent system running around like a machine gun, shooting like a machine gun. How do you expect to survive that when they spot you??

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