The Bunker

for Half-Life 2

13th January 2005

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  1. A Bunker that need to be protected with help of combine…you will kill bunch of antlion before the end is reached (text on screen). It” s another arena map for people who have nothing else to play… but for one time I succeded to reach the end

  2. Fluffy the Hamster

    Score: 3.5 out of 5.
    Annoyance Rating: 6 (Antlions always attack you first, ignoring everyone else most of time.)
    New Models/Skins/Etc.: Non/Negative/Nopers.
    Gameplay: More antlion slaughter then New Year’s Eve.

    You are the amazing spiderman. After realizing that wearing a skin-tight red, blue and black spider suit, you quickly dive into a business on broadway. You…. Wait…

    Say hello to your combine friends. Get to admire the amazing crystal clear squeeky white-ness of the elites. Welcome to the 90th DEFEND THIS WALL! map. But this is a good one.

    If you havn’t guessed, this is a good map. The architecture is okay, the gameplay is okay, everything is okay. You find yourself perched on top of your only defensive wall, a shotgun in your hand. Your new combine friends stand by and wait for their demise. Once the antlions start rolling, and the bodies start piling up by the thousands, you’ll really start liking those soldiers.

    To explain, you get (obviously) attacked by antlions. Thousands of them. You’ve got nowhere to run, except the wall. The great thing about the map is the fact that you can sit and hug the wall, and the antlions suddenly have the incredible urge not to attack you. They even have the tendancy of sitting right infront of you and not even attacking. Even then, you’ll have trouble trying to kill all 1200 antlions at once. Back at home base, you get fire support. An extremely inaccurate artillary cannon and an antlion map-wiping bombing run suffices your ability to fill the floor with antlion blood, as well as soldiers who continually spew out of the doors.

    But that’s it, really. You start feeling it being realllllyy drawn out after about 5 minutes of antlion slaughter. After a bit more, the map fades out, whores out it’s website and drops. Great.

    Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of antlion slaughter. Fun, and replayable sometimes.

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