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1st January 1998

Basic Details
  • Title: Revamp
  • File Name: hl1-sp-revamp.7z
  • Original File Name:
  • Size : 217Kb
  • Author: Legion
  • Date Released: 29 January 1999
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  1. Mel
    Think Twice

    The only thing I can remember about this game is that it was short without much content.

  2. Think Twice

    Very short map with textures from id Software’s classic FPS game “Doom 2”.
    It even feels like playing the oldie Doom right from the start!
    There are some surprising scripts with tough challenges, that also reminds of the classic FPS gameplay.
    A few weapons and some enemy types here and there coming along in a corridors-only map with no special surprise in architecture or witty layouts.
    At last you fall down into what looks a pool, if you missed the “elevator” like I did, and the game crashes, saying: “couldn’t load map revamp2”. That’s the end. The author wrote it will continue there if he’s making a sequel, now I wonder if there ever was one (?)
    A story and puzzles are missing totally, it’s only straight forward combat, but nice balancing.
    Fun while it lasted but somehow no special atmosphere like in the old Doom games.
    It doesn’t matter whether or not you know the Doom series though.

    Play only if you like some sort of Doom nostalgia.

    Playtime: 5-10 minutes

  3. Ten Four Reviews

    Though Legion has produced many maps for Doom, this is first one for Half-life. He obviously missed the “good old days”, however, as he’s [illegally] included some Doom textures to work with. Of the batch of maps reviewed today, this is probably the most promising with some excellent design and scripting.

    There’s a nice use of contrast as the level begins in a very gloomy setting, progressing to brightly lit areas at the end. While it’s a very short map, it is an excellent showcase for Legion’s talents. It looks very pretty in later parts and the darker beginning sets the mood nicely.

    There’s not a huge amount of gameplay to be had here and it probably would have been better if he’d delayed the release to include some more maps after the premature end of this one. What’s here is of a high standard, though, and I hope that he finds the time between his studies to produce some more.

    This review is republished here by permission and was originally published Thursday, 18th February, 1999 by Morgan.

    This review was originally posted on the Ten Four Website, which is now offline. Permission has been granted to republish the full review and more details can be found on the About page.

  4. Maybe?

    Definitely a short little jaunt through a very Doom-esque map. Had I not read the readme it still would have been obvious that the author was an experienced Doom mapper. I can only imagine how it felt to be able to make a truly 3D map in Goldsource (assuming they had never touched Quake mapping either)

    It’s amusing to see the Ten Four review mention the “illegal” inclusion of the doomwad assets, but then considering this was released back in 1999 when Doom was a mere 6 years old, I guess that was a more serious issue back then.

    The map plays like a Doom map, albeit with multiple levels of combat and more explosive monster closet reveals. Not a bad man, but not really challenging. It’s a little cheap to rob the player of two thirds of their HP with an unavoidable pitfall, but considering this occurs prior to any serious combat, it can be safe to assume the player is at full health and will always survive the drop.

    Not bad. Would be interesting to check out the author’s Doom releases at some point to see how they compare.

  5. Play It Later

    The map is short but it’s cool to see Doom textures used. I’d definitely be down to play more maps using Doom or Duke or Quake etc etc textures.

  6. Play It Later

    Wanna try to play on hard? This is your best level for the training. Train against zombies, vortgaunts and more. Don’t lose your chance. If you die here. That means you are worthless to play on Hard. Vortgaunts in this level are a nightmare, with two bolts you are sayonara. They shoot it like a machine gun. You might need even luck to survive. And don’t get ambushed. If you do this wrong, you’ll be surrounded by 4 vortgaunts. And then you have to run through the wall to escape them and you can’t do this. So they will fry you.

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