Resistance 2

for Half-Life

1st January 1998

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  • Title: Resistance 2
  • File Name: hl-sp-resistance-2.rar
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  • Size : 1.29Mb
  • Author: Barry Bollinger
  • Date Released: 16 July 1999
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  1. Mel

    Much improved compared with part 1, played well without problems, fairly easy with no puzzles, good design and textures but no story .

  2. Play It Later

    Excellent continuation of part one! Every aspect has been improved to make it a better, longer more varied experience.
    The story is also contineing and this time you have a real goal to reach than just surviving and escaping. Blow up the Fort Defiance facility! Good luck!
    Maps now have more than one floor and are again filled with quite many details, altho it’s some sort of similar to part one as there are many corridors and smaller rooms to visit.
    The grey wall texture is used often but that’s okay as there are many enemies to fight instead of searching for beautiful walls 😉
    What I liked best is the small but sweet outdoor area with some tougher challenges.
    And I don’t mean the starting area which is also outdoor..
    However yet again the AI is pretty stupid, blowing comrades up and acting not very tactical, so it’s easy to get rid of any “opposing force” 😉
    Therefore I suggest again to play at least on medium, or even hard.
    Occasionally music starts to play which gives it a more dramatic atmosphere.
    Another cool thing are… ehm “secret” areas with goodies, which aren’t obvious at first it’s not obvious how to reach them. So take a closer look and you’ll eventually find a why.
    There’s no cheating required at all times!

    What’s negative is balancing, you will have plenty of ammo and, if you’re lucky, every HL weapon! Besides that, there are many healing possibilties due to scientists, HEV and health chargers, heathkits and HEV batteries.
    That’s just too much to ruin balancing in my eyes!
    In combination with the silly AI all these facts are making the mappack to easy to beat…

    Nonetheless, it’s great fun! Worth playing!

    Note: I’d even give a “play it now” if there would be way better balancing with less ammo and weapons, HEV- and health chargers longer playtime and some more varied wall textures.

    Playtime: around 15 minutes

  3. Ten Four Reviews

    A very disappointing level. The only really noticeable difference between this and the original Resistance is that it is a bit longer.

    Barry really did little improvement with this sequel; in fact, I sorta liked the old one better because it was more on the small side. Although a lot of us can have at least some fun in levels that are mostly just mindless grunt-killing, this add-on, to me at least, was just a bit too long and too easy to qualify under the kind of enjoyment I described.

    The major problem with Resistance 2 is that it’s just too damn linear and predictable. You’re constantly walking through hallways with many doors and behind each door you can expect a small room filled with bad guys. Given the type of ammo you get I can quickly explain the kind of action you’ll be experiencing over and over: open the door in front of you; see a whole bunch of grunts shouting at each other to get into position; quickly pump a MP5 grenade into the room and strafe away. Boom, done! If anyone is still alive, just wait for the door to close again and repeat those steps. If you don’t like using the MP5 grenades then don’t worry! You can choose from an abundant supply of rockets, hand grenades or satchels as well!

    Not only was the fighting too easy, the placement was just terrible at times.

    Continue reading the review on Ten Four…

    This review is republished here by permission and was originally published Friday, 30th July, 1999 by Jiang.

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