for Half-Life

1st January 1998

Basic Details
  • Title: RES
  • File Name: hl1-sp-res.7z
  • Original File Name:
  • Size : 2.10Mb
  • Author: Deraj
  • Date Released: 26 September 1999
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  1. Ezequielhl

    Worth your time 3.75/5

  2. Mel

    I good game let down with bugs, I could not load saved games in map1,

  3. Think Twice

    Similar to BM kill-all-military-forces mappack with no surprises.
    Your mission here is to save your fellow scientists in facility called RES after the BM incident.
    This complex has been also polluted with aliens from Xen.
    As you try to help out a little once again, you realise military forces also arrived there, killing everything on the two legs…

    So much for the yaaaaawn! story. It’s not really necessary to save anyone, just go in, kill everything in your way and find out again. Poor.

    The mapping starts not bad, you’re outside in the desert and have to find a way into the facility.
    That’s easier said than done because soldiers are scattered here and there already.
    And you don’t have and HEV suit…yet.
    That’s the first big disadvantage because you don’t know how much health you have and switching weapons can be annoying. It takes a while to find the suit..
    So mapping is some sort of interesting at first but gets more and more boring later on ingame.
    The office section is nice, also the “introduction” of the Gauss weapon which will come in handy.
    There are some other sections like labs, a warehouse and a elevator shaft.
    Unfortunately very empty, not creating a good atmosphere.

    Combat is okay but average, nothing special. Quite many weapons can be found.
    The AI is sort of stupid, besides the aliens act not that stupid like the human grunts.
    Balancing is okay, play on medium or hard.

    Puzzles are missing almost totally. To be honest I was happy when I finally finished it.
    Once you have to backtrack a quite long way only after hitting one button.
    That’s annoying, at least there are new enemies on your back then.

    In conclusion it was no fun to me to play it, so I can’t recommend it to any type of players.
    Maybe the combat saves it, but there are better mappacks with neat combat action.
    It simply lacks of better design and layouts, puzzles and atmosphere.

    Playtime: ~15 minutes

  4. Ten Four Reviews

    Though this may be Deraj’s first map for Half-Life, it’s evidently not his first attempt at editing. The levels on show demonstrate a quality sadly lacking from the other two releases reviewed today. While RES is still some ways from the highlights of the Quake 2 mapping scene, it’s up at the top of the pile as far as Half-Life single-player is concerned.

    The main area where RES is lacking is in originality. What’s here is great but there’s never a moment when you think, “Wow, that’s cool.” It has to be said that while the other two levels I posted today may have been seriously flawed in other areas, the authors there at least tried to do something a little different in places. RES, basically, is as generic as Half-Life levels come.

    With that criticism out of the way, the rest of RES is great. The visuals are very solid.

    Continue reading the review on Ten Four…

    This review is republished here by permission and was originally published Tuesday, 12th October, 1999 by Morgan.

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