Poll Question 255 – How good has 2011 been for HL modding?

23rd December 2011

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

With only one week to go before the end of the year, I thought it might be nice to think back over the last year of HL modding.

Now, when I say “HL” I mean all maps and mods related to Half-Life. Hl2 EP2, Portal 2 etc.

This is not a proper retrospective of the year but just a general feel for it.

We had some good mods, like Precursor and Call In, to name but two. yes, we had some terrible mods too, but that happens every year.

I suppose I would go with a “Good” year. Considering we are on the edge of our seats for Ep3/HL3 I think we could be forgiven for complaining a little bit.

Let’s hope 2012 turns into a classic year for us HL lovers!

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  1. SiPlus

    Great -> No BMS -> Good -> GMod 13 is not released yet -> Okay.

  2. s.anchev

    Precursor was great, and the -villes like RooftopVille or HalloweenVille were pretty cool…

    Actually, I’ve found great pleasure in non-HL mod’s, such as The Stanley Parable, Titan XCIX…

    This year had one “big” very good “HL” mod which deserves its place in the Hall of Fame.

    2012 should be interesting… We should see Opposing Force 2…

  3. Tops

    Underhell, No More Room in Hell, Titan, Stanely Parable. So pretty good.

    But I see many voting “‘okay'” or below because not many mods have come out recently and therefore making it “‘feel'” like it was not that great of a year.

  4. Derbler

    Stanley. Not much else has really wowed me. We need another Neil Manke in this community.

  5. Hec

    I see it this way, 2010 was good and this year was “okay”, why, because I feel this year modding production specialy related to HL2 ep2, was less than other years, tough we had cool and nice stuff, Precusrsor, a great mod really cool to play, “Call in, just name it, beautiful those really beautiful pieces very visual pretty to look and even better to play them, I could also include “DAYLIGHT”, which is also powerful visually and had some really cool and unique parts.

    This year I think it was the year for Portal 2, which it was the main “event” in the moding comunity, and really sooner than later we had some cool portal 2 mods, the most I liked was “Spook”a little jewel in this year for Portal mods.

    And for PP.com, I think it was the year for the “Day Events”, where the most relevant was the 100 Days of Nostalgia, reviewing 100 mods for HL1, in 100 days!!, what a cool event really unique and I think PP was one of the fews sites dedicated to HL modding that rescue that sense of modding for HL1 and, tought us that HL1 is still a great game, a really unique game with a powerful modding tradition. Also the other event the recently,< "HLQuake" quatridual 4 days playing and reviewing Muddasheep’s earie mods, was another great event, I accept I hated some of those sadistic mods, but also that event bring to life those classic again, I have a strong feeling that those days-events really rescue some kind of forgoten mods and bring them back to this time, and that just have a great historical value, and that stand out PP from many other sites.

    Related to the “Competitions” events here in PP, well we tried but also other years competitions have been better, in this 011 we had Striderville comp, with some cool entries but over all a weak competition, maybe because dealing with striders is kind of tough, and the otherone “Gravity Gun ville” comp. well that one was also kind of weak for my liking, with some interesting entries but that’s it. I feel those competition lifted up many good expectatives but at the end weren’t what we really expected, I mean we expected those were going to be really good ones even classic comps. as “Hunterville”was, but they came out not really good.

    And in matters of total convertions also was an interesting year, I think “Titan XCIX”< mod was released this year and “Water” was also launched recently, those are interesting and we await sequels of them, which is not precisely a good thing allways, also if you are intersted on those titles check them out, also “G-String”< is posted, I haven't play it but is also in this total converssion cathegories.

    So I think all the years will allways have at least some modding production, this year was okay, as I said, but I hope 012, will be the year for the "remake mods" I hope “BM Source” is launched as well as “Op Force2” and many others in those style, also I hope 012 will be the year for Ep3 but is pretty unlikley, I think the Ep3 or HL3 launching year is going to be 013, so cross fingers.

    So thanks for being such a great communityu of modders and gamers, and I wish you all Merry Xmas and Happy new further years!!!

    Best wishes Hec 🙂

  6. Precursor or Sile could be the mod of the year in my opinion. Rebel Story deserves a mention, it’s a clean polished production with replayability (it seems like an Ep1 mod, and was just released Jan of 2011?).

    So there you have it, 3 great mods in my opinion for 2011. My guess is that every year less mods will be released, as Ep2 is getting old and modders are moving on with no Ep3 or HL3 in sight. I hope this isnt the case, but Im guessing it is.

  7. Blue Lightning

    Let me add we want chapter 3 for Mission Improbable for 2012! And another chapter for Precurser! And Rebel Story!

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