Poll Question 239 – Which DOMESTICATED animal from Half-Life would you have as a pet?

26th August 2011

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Two things got me thinking about this week’s poll question.

The first has completely slipped my mind but the second was a news item on the BBC reporting that dogs kidnaps (or should that be dognaps?) have treble in the last year in the United States of America.

It makes sense as most pet owners would do anything for the pets. Worrying a bout stolen TV compared to a pet is nothing. Anyway, the idea of pets stuck and the next thing I know I am imagining a new game called NintenCrabs, which for those that don’t get the reference is a play on Nintendogs.

There’s another idea for a mod! You have to feed, clean, play with them etc. Don’t forget what Cesar Millan says…“Exercise, Discipline, affection”

So, if you could have any domesticated animal from Half-Life which would it be and WHY?

Of course, Dr. Kliener was the first to do it with Larmarr, and we all know the trouble that pesky thing caused!

I think I would have to go with a houndeye. Close enough to a dog that you could probably take it for walks and play fetch with it, although you would probably have to rig up some sort of magnetic system around it’s neck and only throw iron balls or sticks.

That said, if you like fish and have a big enough tank an Ichthyosaur would make a fantastic center piece.

What about you and don’t forget the WHY.

The Poll


  1. Hec

    HEHE curiously, houndeye is wining by now and I voted for him, I mean if I could remove or low down hiis noise emitions in order to domesticate him and dont get killed by him in one tantrum, of him that would be the perfect pet, but u could have o spend alot on ophthalmologists if he catchs an eye infection or something hahaha! πŸ™‚

  2. Frohman11

    Snark… Cute :3

  3. Duke

    none of them, Man you must be bored….

  4. Unq

    Headcrab, no question. They are just so cute.

  5. I would choose man’s best friend, or in this case Alyx’s!
    Why “Dog” of course.
    He fetches, kicks Combine arse and he won’t pinch your sandwich when you put it down to answer the door!
    You will not be discriminating against non-organic life forms I hopeJ

    1. Firstly, he is not from Half-Life, but Half-Life 2 and he is not an animal. I am not discriminating against non-organic life forms, just excluding them from this poll. He/she/it would make a fine pet, although the thought of it jumping on the sofa to snuggle across your legs is a but frightening.

      1. This is what happens when you read something without actually looking at all the words!
        So I’ll have the Houndeye. At least well have fun setting all the local car alarms off!
        As for the lap thing, Dog would have his own sofa!

  6. Zekiran

    Absolutely no question: Houndeye.

    They’re beautiful animals, even though a little creepy with their under-belly mouths. They make adorable noises, like headcrabs do, but they’re so much more… personable. They’d make good grounds-guardians, though having them in an apartment might not work too well what with the destructive force of their barking…

    Plus, a pack of them! yipyip! *walls crumble* could make for excellent demolitions! Highly useful!

  7. Has to be a houndeye every time, the worst they could do is to try to shag your leg, headcrabs on the other hand “YUCK”.

    The advantages of the houndeye are numerous.

    1. You don’t need an alarm clock! First thing in the morning when they want to go walkieβ€˜s. You may be able to ignore them bouncing up and down on your bed, but when they bark you know its time to get up.

    2. When you do take them for walkie’s you can be sure even a psychotic Jack Russell will think twice before trying to pick a fight.

    3. When you go shopping, tie them up outside Tesco’s, people will come out and leg it asap and others will be put off entering. Shorter queues at the checkout! Result.

    4. (For the UK, I don’t know about other countries) You’re walking down the street with your houndeye and coming towards you is a Chav with their ego on a lead pitbull type dog which starts barking aggressively. You by now have trained your houndeye to bark on command, stunned Chav and pitbull type! Result.

    5. Neighbours cat using your garden as a litter tray? Your houndeye’s kennel is like a sentrybox but your neighbour cant claim your hound has savaged their cat as their will be no visible marks! Result.

    6. You go for a walk in the country with your faithful houndeye, and a pheasant/partridge (if you’re lucky a duck) flies up in front of you. A well timed bark means an excellent dinner!Result.

    Lastly, for comedy effect they only have three legs, two at the front and one at the back, imagine the dilemma lampposts and trees must be!

  8. Dr. Amazing

    I would train it to say “I’m a dragon”.

    1. Unq

      Heh, that sound familiar. It’s from some silly HL mod – Half-Quake, maybe?

      1. Dr. Amazing

        Yep. πŸ˜€

  9. wreade1872

    I chose the bullsquid to help protect me from headcrabs and inspired by this which is one of the creepiest pictures i’ve ever seen :lol, bullsquid does look good on a leash though πŸ™‚ . http://sachsen.deviantart.com/art/Half-Life-Xen-Pets-90881407

  10. 2muchvideogames

    oh come on guys, get barnacles, then you could make like scorpion and say COME HERE!

  11. I can’t be the only one who’s disappointed that the Gargantua wasn’t considered a species suitable for domestication??

    Think of the implications when taking one for a walk in your local park……

    Seeing as how it wasn’t an option, I went for Bullsquid instead. To be honest, for pretty much the same reasons. πŸ˜‰

  12. I am sorry I didn’t allow the Garg to be voted on, I eliminated it, along with some others because it had weapons that seemed artificially added.

  13. Vic

    Bullsquid for me. It’s a bit big, but you could take it for a walk and play games with it. Not to mention its tail swings – you could play tennis with it! And it’s not as dangerous as the others, well, apart from that mucus it spits at you.

    1. But that mucus would be “treated” so it wasn’t poisonous. although I still wouldn’t want to be covered with it.

  14. Houndeye cus its like a dog and it’s eye(s) look cool.

  15. Jackar

    Oh hell, why is chumtoad out of voting ?

    1. Whoops, I forgot about it. Sorry.

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