Poll Question 214 – When there is a lull in mod releases, do you replay older mods or try new games and demos?

5th March 2011

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

Let’s be honest, this year and for a lot of the end of last year, there wasn’t much to play, with regard to mods. I’ve taken the time to work on other projects, but if I were “just” a player I wonder what I would do. When I say just, I mean not having to run websites – no offence meant!

I don’t see things getting any better over the next few months, either. Sure, there will be the odd release, but nothing like we had before. At least until a month of so after the release of EP3, then I hope the flood gates will not only open but explode.

So, while things are all quite on the SP Source mod front, what do you do? If you are the fool like me, you probably have a bunch of games you bought in Steam sales or Weekend Madnesses (is there even a plural of madness?), so you don’t have any excuses. However, and this might be next week’s poll question, do you need to be in the right mood to play new games? Or do you just have a select collection of mods, that you replay time and time again.

I have some Steam friends that I often see in the same mods, so I know some players do it.

What about you?

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  1. I always seem to have a backlog of older mods and games that I want to go through so I’ve never really been affected by the lulls in mod releases.

    If I did run out of mods to play I would probably try a new game perhaps from a genre that I don’t normally play. Or I might do something completely different like read a book.

    I generally don’t replay mods/games unless I feel I may have missed something.

  2. A bit of both.
    After researching, I settled on Crysis for playing between HL2 mods. The best of the mods and levels (maps) are easily on a par with HL2 mods. It takes a while to learn the gameplay elements though. The editor is surprisingly easy to use compared with Valve’s SDK.

    Waiting for Crysis 2 now and the editor, CryEngine 3.
    Valve are playing “catch-up” (I hope). Game wise and editor wise.

  3. It’s hard to find a mod worths playing to the end let alone playing twice. So I just look for things I missed.

    But there is a new release I want to play a few more times and it’s Underhell. I admit, it exceeded all of my expectations.

  4. Bramblepath

    I often like to reply R&D, simply because it is so awesome.

    But I also play new games quite often, or even older games that I still haven’t completed.

  5. I always have a backlog of mods to play. But if the lull is long enough I usually think about finishing HL2 — episode 2, I’m still in the ” white forest” with Alyx battling those hunters!
    There is also a list of mods I want to replay with my updated PC. Only that infamous steam update put a spanner those works! So I keep my eye out for updates and play those mods again if possible.
    The epic “Minerva Metastasis” is on my hard drive awaiting it’s replay!
    I also have a backlog of new and old games to play. A couple waiting for my update from winXP to win7!
    I am looking at some mods for other games I have, especially “Stalker”.
    But Half Life is where my heart is.

  6. I keep most of my HL2 mods on my drive because I like replaying them. However I don’t hesitate to play some of the newer (lol new? ooooold) games I’ve managed to buy as well. There are some mods that will remain on my play list forever, Minerva and R&D, C2A and Strider Mountain… And I enjoy those as much as the first time I played them. A good mod is pretty much like a good game – it’s GOT replay value.

  7. Frohman Zelinsky

    I actualy would do both , look at new demos , make my own mod , or just have fun replaying the older mods with a attemp of doing it 110%

    PS : The 10 extra % are all eastereggs and secrets

  8. when their is a lull in mod’s I check Planet Phillip more then once a day in hopes the dull drums are over.

  9. Hec

    Well try something new, and a Lil” bit of both, I’m on this situation right now I mean, there’s a lack of new mods production, so I’ll play Left 4 dead 2, because I haven’t play it still, but at the same time I’m replaying MINERVA mod, which had an update that solves some buggy issues I had 2 years ago when I played it, I couldn’t finish that mod because of that annoying bug at the end, so I hope that’s fixed now with the patch released, I am not playing new maps right now because I want new mods, and I feel maps are different so I used to play maps in between the gaps of a mod to another, but as for now there are no mods, I’m in that lull period you guys say, oh, also this days I tried to download forward motion mod, but I realized that was a map pack so that discouraged me a little so maybe some other time I’ll try that one.

  10. I like to play older mods, and replay them. I espcially enjoy playing the following:

    City 7: Toronto Conflict
    Call In
    Combine Combat
    Eye of the Storm

    Very good mods. 😀

  11. A I

    When I run out of new maps/mods, I will play my other games like Bioshock,Farcry, both Dooms and othes in my archives, too many to mention!! I still enjoy all of the HL1/HL2 series and still come back to them! 😉 I have large HD’s and have backed up everything to Blue Ray disks!

  12. Anon_246567

    I prefer replaying old mods. In fact, just today, I downloaded three Ravenholm themed mods: Ravenholm, Wivenhoe, and the fall of Ravenholm.

  13. Duke

    When it all goes a bit boring (like now for example) I either replay some old stuff, maybe even a different game….or if the weather is ok, I go out on my bike…I spend enough time cooped up in front of this monitor anyway…

    1. Duke

      PS: When it goes a bit dead…I start to lose momentum, like I have now…but it poses me a question. If there were no more mods/maps/conversions released at all, then where would we be ? Would that be the end of PP apart from a data base ? Or would PP just end up as a forum for competitions over an ageing game and opinions polls on subjects gamers are increasingly less interested in ? Worrying. I hope something happens soon, for all our sakes.

  14. Herr_Alien

    Most of the time I don’t have enough time to play games. I do revisit the games that I liked, mods – not so much.
    Recently I got myself a cheap game pad, downloaded an NES emulator and a bunch of ROMs, and started to re-experience a bit of my childhood.

  15. I usually go back to my PF’s and replay them such as Strider Mountain, Minerva, R & D and the like. sometimes I’ll replay a few maps and change the difficulty setting or once or twice a year I will go back and play the original HL start to finish.

  16. Ian

    After installing all the singleplayer levels and creating piles of shortcuts, I got a bit fed up of Half Life and returned to my fav RTS, which is suddenstrike. Its got plenty of maps and mods to keep me busy, but I am now looking toward Half Life 2 as I never really got into playing singleplayer levels and I have a load of them to go through thanks to PlanetPhillip’s maps section.

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