Poll Question 088 – What is your favourite vehicle from Half-Life 2?

21st June 2008

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

A simple question this week. No deep moral dilemmas, just a What’s your fav… one.

What is your favourite vehicle from Half-Life 2?

Where’s Your Driving License?

Personally I dislike all the vehicles in Half-Life., in fact I even wrote a rant about it a number of years ago. That said, I do understand Valve’s desire to break up the game play and add something new.

I know I am in the minority disliking the vehicles, but not everybody loves them, as Poll Question 065 testifies.

Let’s hope Episode 3 introduces some sort of ice/snow vehicle.

The Poll


  1. VeeSPIKE

    The airboat, no question. Amphibious and, when armed, a much better attack platform than either buggy. ALso easier to control, IMO.

  2. I have to agree with VeeSPIKE. The airboat. It is much more manoeuverable, easier to control, and so much more fun!

  3. AI

    I enjoyed all of them, Why? I love the driving challange! The buggy is simular to the one I had, my brother has it now,out in Pa. The airboat, what a fun ride down in the Fla. glades!! The Charger in E2, the sound of “REAL” power and the speed like my old 65 GTO that I had before I was married the first time(the good old days)!! Maybe they could come up with a vehicle like was used in “Doom3”. I’m sure they will come up with something, but as we all know, “you can’t please everyone!”.

  4. MASTER74

    Driving the Airboat was a heck of a lot of fun (I loved doing stunts and all kind of stupid things with it) 🙂

  5. The Ep2 one, secondly followed by the Airboat. I think they nailed the engine sound pretty damn good with the Jalopy, really felt like you were driving one.

  6. Hoyy

    Heck yeah I love the buggy. u pass so much good moments with it, to go and cruise the highway17 and a lil bit in sandtraps … Buggy FTW!!!!!!!!!!! I feel so nostalgical man… Its as fast as the jalopy and one thing I do while I play garrys mod is to use the buggy a lot, riding gm_construct dunes and stuff… creating some tracks and stuff to go and ride the buggy coolio, like some kind of rally. btw, I also got a brand new 17 inches CRT gaming monitor (YEAAAAAH!) and im going to inaugurate it playing hl2 in the highway17 levels to use the buggy!

  7. Anonymous

    Buggy. There are some moments with the Airboat that just make me motion sick because it always flips around trying to get upright and above water. That and I didn’t feel the Jalopy was THAT much since GMod caught on with the customizing cars thing a long time ago.

    Actually, can there be one for the crane :D. There’s not enough crane use to destroy stuff in Half-life mods

  8. Gypsy Jim

    The air-boat, every time, create one in your favourite replayable mod if you don’t believe me….Though to be honest it wasn’t too hot in the Super buggy mods, fun nonetheless……

    The Ep2 Jalopy was fun, but way more wooden than the original buggy, steered like a cow in fact, but I guess that was part of the game…

  9. Airboat, sadly by default. The Buggy steers like a crab suffering from an epileptic seizure, making the “cool” parts of Highway 17 annoying to experience and navigate. It also has virtually no power (despite the fact that it doesn’t even have a body to weigh it down), meaning you need about a five second headstart to get up a small hill.

    The buggy is a joke, I would have walked through Highway 17 if I could.

  10. Anonymous

    I like the car in ep2

  11. bkadar

    i’m with post 7 , more crane carnage

  12. Count_de_Monet

    The Charger, for old time’s sake. But the real hot machine is the airboat. Man, that thing can do everything, anything, even fly…

  13. Aniline

    Airboat, purely because it opens up a whole new playing experience. I nearly got seasick on my first outing.

  14. Clunkfish

    I vote for the crane too! It is a thrill to use something that would usually be illegal and really dangerous, which you can’t say for the buggy, jalopy or airboat. Also directing airstrikes is cool – I don’t think that’s been done in HL2 yet has it?

  15. I like the airboat purely for versatility of places I can go using it.

  16. novsights

    All of the questions on my mind were answered. Thank you very much!

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