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10 June 2008


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09 Jul 2008 The Escape All in all - not bad. It kept me entertained for a short while. A little short of detail ...
08 Jul 2008 Antlion Versus Gordon Okay for 5 minutes of fun I guess. I never gor the buggy though, because at that point it cr...
06 Jul 2008 Poll Question 090 - Is the lack of new mods due to episodic content? I voted yes. I prefer to play something that is complete and finished. Whilst I understand th...
30 Jun 2008 Poll Question 089 - Which character would you choose as a fancy dress costume? I'd have great fun as a zombie!
26 Jun 2008 Triage - Gameplay Idea Great idea Phillip, and a very playable one if I might add. To enable me to make a decision on m...
23 Jun 2008 Leon's Mappack 1 Simply brilliant! This could quite easily have been part of the original game it's that good. ...
21 Jun 2008 Poll Question 088 - What is your favourite vehicle from Half-Life 2? I have to agree with VeeSPIKE. The airboat. It is much more manoeuverable, easier to control, a...
17 Jun 2008 Playing Speed I like to explore a game, or a mod fully. I find myself looking into the distance, looking out o...
13 Jun 2008 Forward Motion Wow! This has been fun! I have had a great few hours playing this map pack. It reminded me o...
12 Jun 2008 Get A Life I'm afraid to say that I've given up on this! After it crashed for the third time I decided tha...
10 Jun 2008 Delivery Despite a couple of little glitches I really enjoyed this! Well thought out scenery, great atten...
10 Jun 2008 Greenhouse If this is a first map, then it's not a bad effort. The overall concept is pretty good, howeve...
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