Poll Question 089 – Which character would you choose as a fancy dress costume?

28th June 2008

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A light-hearted question this week.

Which character would you choose as a fancy dress costume?

I wonder if they are available?

How cool would it be if these costumes were actually available?

Anyway, as much as I like the HEV suit I think I would choose the Combine Elite. The trouble is I am a dirt magnet, 10 minutes after putting it on I would be dirty!

The Poll


  1. andyb

    I’d be a vortigaunt just to be different.

  2. tox (dev)

    I voted other :


    Like zombine!!

    (Or… Antlion guard)

  3. Sabre

    Combine Soldier, nova prospect version. Maybe the regular type too, depends.

  4. Hoyy

    Combine elite, because of the red cyclop helmet and the respirators. The big addition to their armor also makes it looking good while protective. The earband too, seens to help the combine elite have increased hearing. Perhaps that armor would look fine in a fancy dress costume, also because it’s white so it’s a really neutral color

  5. john

    a guardian would be nice, but would need a friend like in the ole horse costumes.

  6. feckineejit

    REBEL! because I think I could actually put that outfit together with what I have.

  7. dethtoll

    I couldn’t decide between a zombine or a brown Combine from E2. I liked the Shotgun Combine’s look, to be perfectly honest.

  8. Count_de_monet

    A rebel with an attitude

  9. I’d have great fun as a zombie!

  10. Zaphod

    It was not easy to choose between Combine Elite and Metrocop. I choosed Combine Elite. Just hope HL 2 players can resist to hit a Combine-costume dressed person with a cowbar.

  11. Aperture Science for me! I’ll wear the Orange jumpsuit and the goofy shock absorber heel springs. Of course, I’d also like it if I could get my own portalgun with that.

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