Poll Question 036 – What kind of Save System do you prefer?

22nd June 2007

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Save Systems

There are a few types of save systems available and they all have their advantages and disadvantages. I don’t believe that one particular system is clearly better than the others and the context is very important. However, as with all the polls you have to make one choice!

What kind of Save System do you prefer?

As some of my regular readers know I have a little trouble with Pariah and even wrote a short rant about it entitled: IMALAZYBEEOTCH. It actually ruined the game for me and I stopped playing it.

Normally if one part of a game is bad you can continue but not in this case!


  1. Personally I prefer autosaves in between maps and a keybind with unlimited quicksaves.
    (the autosave is in case I forget to to quicksave!)

    I think this method is best suited for action FPSs.

    But not so suitable for stealth games, then quick saving takes away lots of the adrenaline/tension when you ‘re about to fail/succeed in a mission.
    dunno, why it displays anonymous …

    anyhoo, since there is no option that resembles my opinion I won’t vote.

    BTW: why aren’t we able to edit our comments?

  2. Definitely unlimited quicksaves. I’m not a huge fan of autosaves as they always seem to happen just after you’ve had your arse kicked so you have to carry on with 3 health points and die the first time someone shoots at you!

  3. anyhoo, since there is no option that resembles my opinion I won’t vote.

    Use the other option!

    BTW: why aren’t we able to edit our comments?

    Because the theme I am currently uses doesn’t work with live preview anymore and I don’t know why. Before you say “Change the theme!” Are you prepared to customize one for me?

  4. Ryan "Quakis" Rouse

    Unlimited. I liked the “save station” idea for the Resident Evil series however as it added to the survival horror (especially limited ink ribbons to use) but in FPS I prefer to save when I want.

  5. I much prefer the quicksave option, try playing something like Splinter Cell 1 on Xbox (autosave only) against the same game on PC (quicksaves). It opens up so many more possibilities as you’re more willing to try different things and explore. Having said that I like the save system in Hitman: Bloody Money, you have quicksaves, but you’re limited, with harder difficulties giving you less quicksaves to use (ultimately Pro gives you no save option!).

  6. Other: Quicksaves AND autosaves/checkpoints.

    Then everyone’s happy as people who don’t want to save can rely on the checkpoints, while others can save wherever they want.

  7. I like the unlimited quicksave system because this allows you to save at places where the game designer did not think to put an autosave. However, I think that some games can pull off checkpoint saving because they anticipate places where the player is likely to die, like in the Halo games.

  8. JC

    If I spend my money buying a PC game, I think I have the right to save games whenever/wherever I want (Quicksaves) with an unlimited saving function.
    I got Area 51 a couple of days ago, the game was fun and stuff but I found really annoying the fact that it was impossible to save any game, I ended up uninstalling the game without finishing it. I think it pretty much summs up my point of view about this.

  9. Unlimited quicksaves. Anyone who’s ever played FarCry knows how irritating and off base the checkpoint saves are in that game.

  10. Zockopa

    Fully agree with Marnamai`s oppinion. BTW. Far Cry actually has a Quicksave. Its just disabled
    in normal mode but its configurabel in devmode.

  11. So far there have been 6 Other votes and here are the details:

    # save s you can do yourself (i.e. quick saves,menu saves) and 2 autosaves per map
    # a combo of autosaves inbetween maps and unlimited quicksaves
    # Unlimited saves autosaves/checkpoints
    # Like in vietcong start of level save and only 5 save per maps to use…

  12. zeroth404

    I’m your average save-o-holic.

    if I don’t play an area like I wanted to and come out with less bullets or less health than I think is necessary, I’ll replay the area all over again.

    It’s hard to enjoy the gameplay when you have to continuously save and load because you’re worried about having enough health or ammo to continue with the next level/area.

    I even save and load in games like Prey, just because it’s quicker than messing around with that silly shooing gallery.

  13. Ultimately, ANY save system works fine, as long as it works the way its” supposed to, but no matter what save system is in place there needs to be a way you can suspend the game and do something else at any point without losing your progress. Gaming is a hobby and shouldn’t interfere with the rest of your life.

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