14th June 2006


I recently started playing Pariah and was really looking forward to it. Imagine my surprise when I found out that there was no manual save option. OK, I think it’s good when developers try new things and I was prepared to see what happens. I thought I read somewhere that the game saves at various points during a level and at the start of a new one.

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

So, there I was almost dead but about to reach the end of a level, I mean REALLY close, when BAM! There’s an explosion and I’m dead. No problem, I’m sure I’ll start from somewhere near the middle. OH how wrong I was. Yep, you guessed it, right back to the beginning of the level! OK, maybe I missed the special point that saves the game. Seem not. This situation repeated itself until around level 10 when after playing the F**king level about 12 times I finally complete the level. I check that it has saved and I move onto the next level. I die and start from the beginning on the new level. Great! Time for dinner, I’ll play more tomorrow.

You’re Kidding, right?

Next day I fire up the game only to find the last save point is at the start of the previous level. AAARRGGHH! NO. I check all the various options but to no avail. That’s it! I search the Internet for cheat codes and find one that opens all the levels in the SP game. The code I need was IMALAZYBEEOTCH. For those non-native English speakers what the word means is “I am a lazy bitch”. It should be clear to everybody reading that this is rude.

Insulting and Unprofessional

I was very angry about their use of this code. I feel it is very insulting and unprofessional. I see no reason to insult the people who have paid for a game. There could be many reason why a player wishes to jump levels not least the level design is boring! Can you imagine a movie DVD that required a code to access certain scenes having such a code? I can’t. On a deeper level perhaps this is simply an example of how the gaming industry views its customers!


As mentioned above I was initially very angry that the developer was essentially calling me A) Lazy and B) a Bitch, but then I suddenly realised that the phrase was referring to the developer itself. It was expressing the fact that they were too lazy to test the save feature to find that users generally hated it. They were also too lazy to ensure that it actually worked properly. We have a phrase in English that goes something like this: “When you point a finger at somebody, there are three more point back at you.”

Perhaps developers should have a little more respect for their customers and before pointing the finger at them and calling them names they should ensure the product is finished.

A Review

I was planning to write a review of the game and had been making notes during my playing but I was so angered by this incident I haven’t bothered to play the game since and probably never will. All I’ll say was I was quite disappointed.


  1. fragmaster

    It was alright game using the unreal awakening engine the best part was the customizable weapons & some of the driving areas altho the game story was very weak & another boring annoyance was at the begining of each level was a cutscene you couldnt skip at all along with what you mention about the save system being flawed they did have auto-saves much like they did in FAR CRY but this game crys out platform console roots with checkpoint saves.
    the game itself played like Halo with the level design being the same throughout.
    I managed to get to the supposed end level to take on this Queen like boss with health stations beside her but it was a long drawn out battle that never end until I pressed the ESC key.
    Worse comes to shove the part before the Queen Boss turns the story at a bad angle & you lose all your already Customized dream machine weapons.
    their were some good levels like the train level with the double chaingun battle & the sniper rifle battles.
    The flying airship was hard as hell.
    Should I go on but thats my take of the game the only saving grace of this game is The Customized weapons & the driveables.

  2. fragmaster

    Next one you should do the commentary on is AREA51 another unreal engine 1st person shooter based loosely on a famous video arcade game which umm has the same kind of saving the game system.

  3. Zockopa

    I lend this game from a “Videothek” when it
    was new. It was not worth the lending fee to
    be honest. Its just a plain dull an boring game
    and I gave up playing after a couple hours.
    It makes me kinda sad to see the U-Engine wasted in such way.
    BTW: Warpath looks like a MP-Clone of Pariah.

  4. KingDaniel

    I found Pariah to be a lot of fun. It was very basic (designed for X-boxers) to the extent that the penulitmate boss” laser of death could be avoided by….(Spoiler Removed ). I hated the idea of no quick saves, but unlike Far Cry it never seemed to be a problem. It also seemed like a total clone of Unreal II.

  5. Ryan "Quakis" Rouse

    Now I see why the game was selling so cheap. I was going to pick it up but now that save problem has totally put me off. I’m not patient enough to play the same level over and over. Oh well, I’m taking this one off my list.

  6. SPY

    i also just bought Pariah, (for only 14,85 euros, and that for a one year old 1 game!).when I started the game and did play the first few minutes and realy couldn’t understand why this was the case and was so pleased to have a new great fps game to play. but after a few hours I started to understand why this was. at first it is all great, weapons, leveldesign, cutscenes (i’m a cutscene sucker). and I didn’t had any problem at all with the suto saves, what I remember was that I had severel of them in each map, on the right places.
    that was, untill I played the train level. you liked ther trainlevel Fragmaster?!?!?!? because I hate it, (it also does look exactly the same as a Unreal 1 or 2 level, a exact copy you could say!!). I tried to finish it about 8 times or so, and then I stopped, (even when the last autosave is just before you jump down on the last train car with the big gun). I simply couldn’t get passed the 3 or 4 first space ships, and then there are still some to come! so I tried a cheat with God in the console, and I was in godmode. so I finished the train level and played the next day on. but, now I don’t have any autosaves anymore, even worse, it doesn’t save at all. because I played on to that spaceship level, where you have to jump acroos to another one. again I did get killed many times, and godmode doesn’t help here. then I stopped the game, adn when I later played on again I find myself at the train level again!!!! so, I need to play the full game at ones, or get back to the train level every time.
    now i’m stuck at that space ship, have tried to jump accross, but I simply can’t jump that far. do you realy have to jump, or is there a secret of some sort?


    (thanks for explaning that cheat about un locking sp, I knew that cheat and lots more like that, but thought it wouldn’t help, because sp is already unlocked. now I understand it unlocks all levels. will do that. one other thing, all forums of the game are death and there are only a few servers playing mp. about them should have more respect for us and not call us lazy bitches. o well, but I can’t say I understand it. another cheat is funny, what to think of this one for Pariah;
    P33kaB00 – Skip Cinematics


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