Poll Question 016 – Which Game I.P. (intellectual Property) would you like to see made into a full-budget movie?

3rd February 2007

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Movie Time

Everybody loves the movies, right? Well most people anyway, so this week’s Poll Question is:

“Which Game I.P. (intellectual Property) would you like to see made into a full-budget movie?”

Now, I am guessing that most of my readers will shout Half-life!, but I urge you to think about it first.

Gordon’s Voice

One of the big problems with making a movie for Half-Life is Gordon Freeman’s voice. We all probably have an idea about what he would sound like and I doubt mine is the same as yours. This means that the makers will probably upset a lot of people just with that simple fact. Next, do they follow the game plot or change it. You only need to look what happened with Doom to know that it is a very delicate decision.

Other Possible Choices

I think a film based on Unreal/Unreal Tournament would be pretty cool, especially if it was CGI, of course I could simply list all the good FPS games but as I’m sure you realize a good game doesn’t necessarily mean it will be a good movie.

I listed games that I felt had an interesting story but had to limited my choices. Please use the “Other. Please Comment” to express your choice and reason.

Final Results
  • Deus Ex: 13%
  • Half-Life: 57%
  • Quake: 06%
  • System Shock: 10%
  • Unreal/UT: 06%
  • Other. Please Comment: 08%
  • Total votes: 63


  1. I voted for Unreal/UT partly because I am scared that a HL movie would never match my expectations. However, I feel the planet Na Pali and the weaponry from UT would be pretty cool.

    Note: This weeks poll was supposed to be an idea suggested by goddessalyria but I couldn’t find the draft (must be on my laptop) and I was already a day late with the poll, so public apologies to GA, Definitely next week, I promise.

  2. Far cry could also be a good base for a movie.

    In non science fi all those ww2 game have certainly a movie filling. But my vote goes for the Other section for a game that I taught was already release on PC (which isn’t the case) and is more a TPS.I just found the test on the TV when it came out for console incredibly scary and true…RESIDENT EVIL 4 with a good story line à la S King and with a tiny touch of HP lovercraft the scenario and movie could really add something great to make THE movie !

  3. Resident Evil 4 (see above for comment)

  4. I pick Half-Life myself, mostly because of this. Also, as for the “problem” of his voice, he doesn’t have to speak. Kevin Smith as Silent Bob is able to pull it off and still have a good character.

  5. Half-Life.




    Though Deus Ex might be nice.

    FarCry already has a movie being made for it.

  6. Return to Castle Wolfenstein. I think it would make a great movie with very little of the game itself being edited out even if only to shorten the length.

  7. I haven’t played a lot of them. Far Cry (I think) would be the easiest to script for & as someone above said it’s already in the works (so yay). I would love to see a Half Life movie, but I doubt it would live up to what we would all want it to. I’m racking my brain right now as to who I think would make a great Gordon Freeman (& of course he would have to talk -he’s the main character). I would, however, love to see a well done Halo made if Lucas or Spielberg were ever interested.

  8. Luke L

    I would definitely say Halo first and foremost. I was ecstatic when I heard they were making it, and then when it was cancelled I came crashing down. I just think Halo would suit a full-on action film so much better than Half Life or Doom. They are good games, but they just don’t translate well. Halo on the other hand, with its massive outdoor battles and the theme music (which they would have to keep) could become almost like saving private ryan in space.

  9. Baltic

    Personally I would like to see the HL2 mod “Coastline to atmosphere” made into a movie. But my second choice would have to be F.E.A.R. That is one game that should really be made into a movie. But that’s just my opinion.

  10. Ryan "Quakis" Rouse

    Unreal Tournament could be interesting, or something between the Humans and Skarrj (sp?) at least.

  11. I do remember reading an interview with Gabe Newell where he discussed the possibility of a movie – but he did say that they would never consider selling the rights and wouldn’t agree to a movie if they didn’t get enough creative input. Then again Wikipaedia says that Tarantino is interested in it – so there’s all sorts of rumours and stuff flying about. It’d be good if it sticks to the HL formula of a man alone against the odds, it’d suck if they give Gordon some kind of female romantic interest sidekick. I’d rather they just left it as a game…

    I’m looking forward to Halo the Movie it’s written by Alex Garnham and it was going to be directed by Danny Boyle(same guys who did The Beach and 28 Days Later) but instead it’s going to be directed by first timer Neil Blomkamp (You Tube “Alive In Joburg” – I think he has potential).

  12. Darth Marsden

    While I want to say Half-Life, I can’t. It’d be a very difficult film to make, and I have no doubt that it’d probably end up not being anywhere near as good as it deserves to be.

    I would personally love to see a System Shock film or two, but again, could be difficult to shoot. Easier then Half-Life, mind.

    And am I the only person here who’s not a big Far Cry fan?

  13. Bolx

    To alleviate Goddess Alyria’s brain racking, have a look at the dvd cover for Ali G Indahouse the movie and I think you’ll find the face for Gordon Freeman. As for a movie of Half Life it doesn’t have to follow the original game too rigorously, don’t forget Opposing Force and Blue Shift are set in the same time frame so it would be easy to combine them into a semi-original script. Unfortunately if a movie is only made from the original story then it won’t have Alyx Vance who is far and away better than Lara Croft.

  14. As for a movie of Half Life it doesn’t have to follow the original game too rigorously

    I disagree. I think it is important to follow the story. Changing the story would be wrong. I accept that a movie and a game are different butI still believe it would be wrong.

  15. Err, not to step on Bolx’s toes or anything but I looked at the picture & I don’t see Sacha Baren Cohen playing or looking like Gordon Freeman (but that’s neither here nor there).

  16. David

    I voted Half-Life but I believe that a Half-Life 1 movie would fall far short of good because of the nature of the original Half Life game. The original Half Life game was very game and user oriented; meant to provide the player with things to shoot at and interesting and challenging puzzles. But if I remember, they were very few scripted sequences in comparison to Half Life 2. Half Life 2 was much more cinematic in nature and would definately flow better in the form of a movie. This, however, poses a problem for those who have never played Half Life. While you could have played Half Life 2 without playing Half Life 1 a lot of things wouldnt make a damn bit of sense (like the G-Man for instance). This would have to be explained in the movie creating a situation where new comers would have an incredible amount to catch on to.
    If done correctly though, the story could be very in depth and the characters like Dog could provide some very amazing visuals to please the most disconnected of movie goers.
    So my vote is for Half-Life 2 with a very very carefully executed story that is first posted on the Steam boards so the gamers can criticize it and cause it to slowly be reworked so that it will please the gamers as well as those who know nothing of Half Life.

  17. Eh? Ali G could easily pass off as Gordon “Most Extreme Male Dancer” Freeman. Replace the yellow jumpsuit with the worshippable object that is the H.E.V and I’m sure it could work.

  18. Pffft. What are you guys smoking?

  19. bolx

    Thank you Goddess Alyria for not stepping on my toe’s (if you are North American, then thanks for not stepping on anything else). In the absence of anyone else to play Gordon, other than Arnie or Sly “who ya gonna call'(yeah I know CHEESY), then let’s hear some suggestions.

    I totally Agree with what you have said, but combining the OFFICIAL releases of the expansions of the game allow for Barney, Adrian Sheppard and other characters to flesh out the movie. I know some will disagree, but Half Life deserves better than ‘tomb Raider” and can anyone who has seen the film DOOM please (we will listen with sympathic ears)tell us if it wasn’t complete C”3P.

  20. I don’t know honestly. There are a number of “good” actors out there that could probably fill the part. I don’t think Sacha because, well, I just don’t think he’d fit the Gordon Freeman standard. I mean we were talking seriously, right? I was watching a movie earlier with Jim Caviezel in it & I could defenitely see him as Gordon if you lightened his hair a bit. He’s also that strong silent type who’s not over bearing & all gung-ho “roar” type. That would just be one choice & of course, is also just my opinion.

  21. Alyx Vance – maybe the dark haired chic from Lost.

  22. bolx

    Ok I’ve looked at the Imdb to see who Jim Caviezel is!
    Goddess Alyria, with all due respect…Gordon could be played be played by a complete unknown (in England Jim Caviezel is), the point is, if Half Life is ever made into a film, then getting even one character wrong will bring the whole thing crashing down. Over the years a number of games have been converted to movies and suffered duly earned ridicule. I don’t think any Half Life fan wants to see a game we replay (even more than the original DOOM (what a cock-up that movie was) over and over, screwed up.

    Apologies to planetphillip for digressing from the original question, but we all visit this site first and foremost for HL SP news.

    As for Alyx Vance a damn good lookalike works two floors above me, however she hasn’t worked out why I carry a crowbar on a cigarette break outside.

  23. http://movies.yahoo.com/movie/contributor/1800353911/photo/543626

    If I hold Gordon’s image up to the screen, I can see the likeness. We all have our opinions.

  24. Manual_Monaro

    Chris Barrie with a beard and glasses looks like Gordon. Anyone seen/remember the Red Dwarf episode “Polymorph”? When Rimmer has his anger (I think) removed he becomes one of those non-violent protesters (Or something… I don’t remember any name for what he’s supposed to be.) and he ends up sporting a beard & glasses. Sorry about no images, I can’t find a decent enough picture.

    I decided to vote for Deus Ex. While it’d need a good enough writer and big budget (Although I do realise that you’ve mentioned a “full-budget” movie anyway, it’s just my opinion.) to present it well enough, I think it’d be great.

    Half-life could do well as a mini-series, in my opinion. It could go through each period in the known history of Half-Life’s universe… Maybe a large number of hour-long episodes that go through the Disovery and research of Xen, The resonance cascade, the portal storms, the 7 Hour War, stories during the Combine’s occupation and finally the uprising. Each “period” could each be 3 episodes long. Thats 18 episodes.

    The whole thing will end up having to show Gordon, but it doesn’t have to show too much. I mean, when we play the game, we know most of what happens from Gordon’s perspective. The audience will probably just need to be shown, say, Dr. Kleiner hiring Gordon, the events in the test chamber, Gordon half-leading the revolution and anything else important from future game titles (AKA Eps 2-3.) or that I’ve managed to miss out on. Everything else Gordon does can simply be “mentioned” in dialogue. (Eg. Citizens talking about the rumours of Gordon’s return during the events in HL2.)

    Oh, and I think Soldier Of Fortune 2 might make a pretty good movie (Although I don’t think it’s classed as Sci- Fi?), so would Battlezone (I know, not entirely a FPS.) and System Shock. (The sequel, at least. I havent played the orginal.)

  25. I never said Ali G had the acting skills to be Gordon “Two parts sherbert, one part orange soda” Freeman. I just said he looked like it.

    Considering that he never, ever, talks, acting skills arn’t as much the focus.

  26. Two parts sherbert, one part orange soda? You are a riot sometimes Fluffy. For some reason, your earlier post with “most extreme male dancer” made me think of Gordon busting out doing Lord of the Dance in his orange jumpsuit. Anyway, it was funny in my mind.

    While as hard as it for me to believe that you can’t have a decent movie with the lead character hardly talking, I suddenly remembered the last Superman movie. That guy was virtually an unknown & he really didn’t have that many lines. What a blockbuster that turned out to be! So points are taken in those regards.

    I still hold out for Halo though. I think it’s a game that (if) made into a movie, they can make it to appeal to most age types (like the Star Wars episodes – PG 13). As we all know, this would probably really bring in the dough.

  27. bolx

    Due to a conversation today with a teenager I have a new contender although it is not an FPS!

    MS Windoze solitaire as it fits in with the modern attention span.

    Ok just joking, BUT HALO??? if it is made into a movie, you will see Microsoft copyright notice’s everywhere and if you get up to get some popcorn or go to the toilet during the film you will need to re-register and re-activate your seat.

  28. I don’t know… Microsoft, for the most part keeps their “Corporation-y-ness” off of Bungie, and I doubt that they will put too much of that into a Halo movie.

  29. zeroth404

    I had to vote Deus Ex. The original Deus Ex captivated me throughout the entire game. While Half-Life would make a superb movie, I fear that it’s deep and compelling story would be completely ruined by the simple addition of Alyx.

    I almost wanted to say Diablo, because I’m a huge fan of the original and played the second a few times over…well…I saw doom+hollywood, I really don’t wanna see diablo+hollywood.

  30. I have posted the final results.

  31. A Full Length movie would do best to use the plot from Half-Life/Half Life 2, but NOT focus or even neccesarily include Gordon Freeman at all.

    I’ve always wanted to see Adrian Shephard get brought back in during the very start of the 7 hour war and be working with Barney to protect Eli, Alyx, Kliener, Mossman, and the other scientists who will ultimately be responsible for saving humanity. You could even give it a tragic ending where he dies accomplishing a task that actually ruins the combine’s initial plans, which end up being the reason they were even willing to accept Breen’s surrender at all.

  32. Return To Castle Wolfstein. It has all the elements..

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