1. VCD

    Why didnt you like February? I didn’t like it because of the fricking tests I had to take..

    1. Well, to be honest, the weather was really bad where I live. So much rain and wind. I get a lot of colds in the winter and that interrupts my training, so that frustrates me.

      1. BadPeaceDK

        What do you train?

        Also, do you have any hot info on the next map competition? I’m very excited, especially after such a successfull competition like AssassinVille!

        1. I coach and play Squash. You can see my squash site here: http://coachphillip.net/

          I have the next mapping competition almost ready to go and will announce it soon.

          1. JG

            So… about that next mapping competition… 🙂

            1. Well, funny you should ask.

              He is the plan:
              This Friday (21st) I will formally announce the start date of the next competition, which will most likely be Friday 28th. It will be another 10/11 day one.
              Then, on Saturday 22nd, I will be moving the site to a new host, giving myself the whole weekend to fix any issues.

              I don’t think you will like the theme of the competition, but it’s one I have been wanting to run for a few years and have chosen to use it this time.

  2. Don’t know if this factors over seas, but according to the groundhog we have another two weeks of winter ahead of us.

  3. Senator33

    Was too warm in South Florida this year, but we are grateful to have been spared the awful weather visiting the northern hemisphere.

    It also appears that a strong El Nino will form this summer, which should aid in keeping hurricanes away.

    Hope springs eternal…….

  4. lj4linux

    Weather is fine, El Nino is a nice guy/girl or whatever…
    Unfortunately HL is DEAD. Don’t you feel that? Dead and burried by Valve!
    Sorry, it’s not “general chat” but I’m SICK ABOUT “BETA HL1, BETA HL2, BETA EP1, BETA EP2…”
    Valve, we need something new! We deserve something new!
    EP3 is still a valid option or only a dream?

    1. I have a few mods to post soon. One is AMAZING.

    2. If it can be of any comfort, Gabe Newell and a few other game developers recently held and AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit, and someone asked “When is Ricochet 2”, (Ricochet 2 is a popoular codename for Half-Life 3) to which Gabe Newell replied “When we announced our products years in advance in the past and then were really late delivering them, it was pretty painful for both us and the community. We’d rather not repeat that.”.

      It’s nothing new really, this has been Valve’s philosophy for a long time, but I think it indicates that Valve is at least planning to develop and release it somewhen. Keep in mind that Team Fortress 2 took 9 (NINE!!!) years to develop from when it was first announced. That’s Valve’s current record for being late, I’m curious to see if they beat it with Half-Life 3, we’re currently at 7 years from the release of Half-Life 2: Episode Two.

  5. Gabriel

    Hell, Phillip, never knew you were english. About the weather: Here south the summer is almost over which means grayer days and lots of rain are coming, I hate autumn. Anyways, will be waiting to play the next maps that show up here. Cheers

  6. Hec

    Hey guys! So as I guess you are totally HL2 Pure blood fans, I believe you have already seen this just awesome, terrific HL fan homemade movie, it’s called escape from city 17, and frankly with all those lousy Alien invasion movies that have come out this days, I just don’t know why it just has not come out a HL movie yet.

    Also I heard rumors, about Spielberg getting involved into a HL “professional” movie but I guess he just rip off the HL2 plot from valve’s with his last TV series “Falling Skies” so he really doesn’t need to do a HL movie, because he just copy the whole concept! with Falling Skies…. 🙂

    Anyway here I let you that awesome YouTube clip I saw: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LeYB8L2LIQQ

    remeber is the second part.

    1. Ade

      ye falling skies trailer looks like some hl2 trailer ^_^ RESIST!

  7. Noble

    Every half life mod I have downloaded from this site does not work. I get a white screen when I launch the mod. Any help?

    1. Let’s have some more information.
      When you say “half Life” do you mean Half-Life 1?
      What is your exact path to the folders you are putting the mods in?
      Do other mods work?

  8. Noble

    The mods I have downloaded have been half life 2 ep 2 mods. They have gone into the Steam sourcemods folder. I did get the Forest Train mod to work. I use 7zip to extract the files.

    1. Can you tell us, which mods you tried. The link Ade gave is very helpful and will probably supply the answer for you.

      1. Ade

        The link Ade gave him is still awaiting moderation hehe

      2. Noble

        Person of Interest, Overawe and Lost under the snow all have white screen. I tried replacing the gameinfo.txt file with the one shown in the Ade fix. The game then disappeared from my Steam account.

        1. Ade

          you’re not supposed to replace the entire gameinfo, only the big section that i’m showing… because the first section has the mod name and maybe some info about the author, and you need that name for the mod to show up distinctively in your library. try again 🙂

    1. Some amazing images there. I have featured the The Maunsell Sea Forts” on here for and they inspired Miigga to create Baryonic Predicament, where he turned them upside down.

      I love the train yard. Plenty of places for headcrabs to be hiding. Ooo, I feel the chill down my spine already.

      1. Ade

        Yea the train depot was my favorite, and in general I just love places covered in vegetation over time. I played such a map a while back, can’t remember name, but the tall grass and nightly atmosphere can really make 3 headcrabs deadly, just goes to show it’s not the number of enemies that counts.

  9. Noble

    I also get an error message: cannot load library client.

    1. If this is for a specific mod, you need to post it on that mod.

    2. Why don’t you try the latest Beta Version of MapTap, that might help: http://www.planetphillip.com/posts/maptap-beta-release-2-4-0-rc11/

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