Maunsell Sea Forts – Real Theme

1st May 2012

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The Maunsell Forts were built during the Second World War to help protect the UK from air and sea attack.

They were small fortified towers built in the Thames and Mersey estuaries.

As much as they are very interesting, visually, architecturally and historically, I don’ think you should rushing to copy them. For me, the most useful aspect is one of inspiration.

Whilst they don’t have to be Combine structures, that’s certainly the first thing that pops into my head. They could be used for some obscure purpose that the resistance don’t fully understand, but it’s clear they need to be destroyed.

Set in a foggy inlet somewhere, with obviously a significantly lower sea level than before their arrival, the “forts” could be the usual Combine height but connected via flat forcefields.

Anyway, if the forts appeal to you I suggest doing plenty of research as you may be able to make some details used in the original structures.

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  1. Barnz

    Looks like something out of The City of Lost Children.

  2. zonbie

    Nice to see this place featured. This place will probably make it into my mod. I have been collecting images of this place for a while now. It is really creepy looking and it would fit the Combine very well, I think. There are some good youtube videos of the interior, and I even found a few images of their basic floor plans online. If somebody wants a copy, find me on Mod DB.

    There used to be a seventh tower but it got destroyed when a boat smashed into it during a heavy fog. The middle one was the control tower where all the decision-making took place. There was also a dedicated gun tower with a large rotating cannon on top of it…I want to put a Combine mortar on it instead.

  3. These are good, I can also see them as combine machines/buildings. They could be part of a larger plan of the combine to pump the oceans dry or take minerals from the ocean or the ocean bed!

  4. Hec

    What really cool structures, I imagine them in a mod in a completely dry sea, and for some important reason heavely fortified by the combine, you can aproach them then with the jallopy car or the buggy, and start your way up, take the blueprints in there and escape in a stolen by the ressistance cmb helicopter! what a ride would be!

    Also they would fit perfectly aproaching them in a boat at the night in the middle of a brave scary sea.

  5. Flavio

    Ah! I was tipped by Adam Foster about these 😀

    Great column this one, lot of reference… i’ll bookmark it hoping I will be able to profit from it 😉

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