1. OK, I know there are a bunch of things wrong with this but I considered it more of a learning experience than anything else.

    Next month won’t have so many site changes, there will be more composed reviews, instead of the “ad lib” ones seen in this video.

    I’m still getting used to the editing software too, so that’s another thing that will improve.

    So, did you like it? If not, why not? What would you like to see me add etc. Please, give me your honest feedback and I’ll respond to every suggestion.

  2. I enjoyed it. It was nice hearing all the site changes since I have not had the time to notice any of them, with the exception of the lack of a rating system. On that note I miss it, even if it was abused. It was also nice to see video snippets of the different mods, especially the ones I have not had time to play. I might go back and play a couple now. Hearing the results of the polls was interesting, since I again have not payed attention.

    On improvements, It may be difficult, but try to provide video of each mod as well as a little more detail on the type of mod it is, i.e. kind of gameplay, story, arena, etc. but you said this was on the agenda.

    All in all I think it was well put together and worth my time to watch. I look forward to the next one.

  3. Mel

    Good stuff Phillip, well put together. More mod coverage next month please, cant say I like all the site changes, I use to know where every thing was but not now.

  4. Bobz

    Impressive. You have it about right. This is great for checking that you have not missed a mod. The videos show how others play – often not my way but I like the waiting, sneaky style wherever possible with a bit of charge and shoot to get the blood boiling.
    Well done.

  5. Bumtown

    Nice work PP. Nothing I can see that would really need a major overhaul.

  6. civanT

    Considering I don’t enjoy playing most of the mods, you playing them for me is better idea if you ask me. Thanks for this, I’ll follow these montly reviews.

  7. Joshua-kun

    Very nice, Phillip! It was entertaining and watching the videos gave me a much better idea of how each mod looks and plays in a way that screen shots can’t capture.

    And I must admit, your accent is very soothing to listen to. 😀

  8. Count_de_Monet

    Congrats PP, your site remains the best on all counts.


  9. Thanks to everybody for your kind comments.

    Mel, so to hear that the site changes make it hard for you to find things. Do you want to explore this topic privately? Perhaps you can explain etc and I’ll see if I have made some judgment errors.

    February’s review will be released a few days after the month ends, rather than weeks, like this one. There will be less site changes and hopefully more mod discussion.

    IS everybody cool with me reviewing all the Poll Questions too?

  10. I enjoyed this. It’s informative and entertaining. You’re a good narrator. You speak slowly and clearly and stutter very little (If I tried to do something like this it’d be painful to listen to, I’m sure).

    Nice work, Phillip!

  11. WizardExt

    I didn’t mind the site changes section. They shouldn’t take too much time out of the whole video. If there many minor changes, they can be summed up quickly with no detail. The major changes are the interesting ones.

    I really liked the mod/map talk. They can even be a little bit more informative in the future.

    Overall a really nice video. I am looking forward to the upcoming ones!

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