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31st August 2005

Sci- Fi Single Player First Person Shooter Games Half Life 2 Doom 3 Far Cry Unreal UT2004 Quake Mods

Mission Briefing – for the eyes of Col. Freeman
As you may be aware, our government has been conducting sensitive and highly secret research into extra-dimensional travel for most of the past decade. For security reasons, and for the safety of our citizens, the principle research center is located at Station Alpha 6, a remote, cold-war era early warning station near Barrow Alaska.

Two days ago, during an experiment in simultaneous multilocular displacement, an uncontrolled vortex portal was briefly created. Before it could be shut down Dr. Trobech, the original discoverer of inter-dimensional travel, was sucked through. The research team believes he may well have survived, and was probably transported to one of several possible dimensions.

Sci- Fi Single Player First Person Shooter Games Half Life 2 Doom 3 Far Cry Unreal UT2004 Quake Mods

Dr. Trobech is vital to our extra-dimensional travel program. Without him the project will be set back years – years our intelligence suggests we may not have. We believe that other forces may be developing similar technology – both here in our own dimension, and in certain dimensions beyond.

Your mission, Col. Freeman, is to search each of the possible dimensions Dr. Trobech may have been transported to, and bring him safely back.

You should be aware that extra-dimensional travel is still an uncertain business. Inorganic matter often fails to transition, so you may find yourself with little or no equipment, and the portals frequently lead to dangerous, unstable areas.

The research team has prepared the transport portals for you.

Good Luck!

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  • Title: Issues
  • File Name: hl1-sp-issues.7z
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  • Size : 43.0Mb
  • Author: Issues Team
  • Date Released: 04 August 2004
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  1. Mystery8

    Just to clear something up, Issues does not require you to download Spirit of Half-Life separately. That’s included as part of the mod.

    Issues & Project Quantum Leap (its predecessor) are quite a bit of fun to play. It’d be nice to see more projects like this.

  2. kol

    Issues 2 AKA: Reissues, is starting up:

  3. I found out about it yesterday. I will make a new posts as soon as possible.

  4. Mystery8

    Awesome! Will be following Resissues as well 🙂

  5. john

    was a ok mod. but I got board with no storyline. I guess one could say I had issues. hehe.

  6. geekofalltrades
    Play It Now!

    Another collection of maps held together by a somewhat weak storyline, much like Chaos Theory. This one is enjoyable for sheer variety, and a number of the maps are very interesting to behold… one map, set in a futuristic military base, presents an eye-popping paradox effect at one point that literally dropped my jaw, and another is a take on the incredibly neat mapping style of Adam Foster (Someplace Else, Minerva), though I can’t say if the map is actually of his design. Another map takes you on a time-travel journey to World War II. Most of the maps are very well-designed, but there are several “duds” mixed in with the truly amazing. They weren’t nearly enough to ruin my gameplay experience, however.

  7. Sally

    Is there a walkthrough for this anywhere becausae I’m stuck in the room with the gargaunton where the soldiers drop through the ceiling.

  8. tox (dev)
    Avoid It!

    I dunno they design sence,

  9. Mel

    Maps by varies mappers good, bad, not good and very good. With Lost Time being very good.

  10. Master Eiji
    Play It Later

    I seem to be stuck in this mod… at the part where you find the doc and a gargantuan follows you thru the gate…
    (about where they say they’re going to use the “self-destruct” mechanism… I cant find any way to find the portal they mention…)

  11. Gilfrarry

    When everyone has finished talking and dying, and you run away from the gargantua through the big yellow doors, there’s a small hole in the wall straight ahead. While that hole does lead to the next room where the portal is, that part of the next room is blocked off. Go left at the hole instead of through it and climb the four steps, jump across to the three (white, blue, red) pipes, and drop down to the floor. Now go to the next room, where a rock will conveniently drop from the ceiling so you can use it to jump over the fence, to the portal.

    Next time, it would help if you could mention the name of the map.

  12. piledriver
    Play It Now!

    From the text file:
    “Like it’s predecessor (Project Quantum Leap), the idea behind Issues was to collect maps created independently by many different individuals and combine them into a single incoherent map pack. We decided to loosely bind these up in a story – of which only some of the maps are part, so it is still pretty incoherent.
    There are 20 maps (2 intro maps, 2 hubs, and 14 “playable” maps, plus a custom hazard course map), plus 27 assorted custom models, 35 sprites, and 67 sounds.”

    Like mel and Geek said. A bunch of widely differing map designs loosely held together. Some really good, some not so good but still not bad. Transitions between each mappers contribution are well done and give some sense of continuity.
    A few hours playing time, with a slight sense of “where and when is this all going to end?’
    Definitely worth the download.

  13. Play It Now!

    An high quality mappack from several authors containting very different maps, so it’s hard to describe to whole mod shortly. There are many various settings and tasks to complete but at the start you’re in some Black Mesa like facility with 4 teleporters and after completing these, there is a new teleporter room which beams you to even more maps.
    The most primary goal is to find and capture a lost scientist who was sucked into a teleporter, and of course he only can be found in the very last dimension these teleporters are leading.

    -Most of the time extremely good mapping, architecture, details and lighting
    -Very nice combat
    -Lots, and very good puzzles
    -Nice scripted sequences
    -Very well balanced
    -New textures, prefabs etc. etc.
    -Long playtime
    -Secret areas
    -No bugs

    -Xen map
    -Sometimes confusing (puzzles or where to go, what to do)
    -Some boring looking areas
    -In some maps high difficulty
    -Also sometimes perfomance issues

  14. Ten Four Reviews

    The idea behind Issues spawned in March of 2003, when the remaining members of Project: Quantum Leap banded together to create a similar type of mod.

    Issues is a compilation of 20 maps created by 10 different mappers, each contributing their own work to loosely bind up a common story line. While the maps do not particularly flow together as it is a mash of different mapping styles; the beginning of this mod sets the story line into the players mind nicely – to find and rescue a Dr. Trobech in one of the many worlds available to you.

    Each map is unique, having its own subtle subplot and its own distinctive set of traps and goals. Some of the maps are very poorly done, whereas some are top notch. Which is why I have mixed emotions about this mod. It’s quite unfortunate that the quality of maps couldn’t have stayed consistent. That would have made Issues that much better.

    I found some of the maps to be excessively difficult. Others quite easy to fly through with minimal arsenal. For instance SEThorian’s map Faith is geared towards giving you a hard time. Luckily enough, Faith was one of the more enjoyable maps in the mod; as it was more of a puzzle than a free-flowing story based map.

    Powered by Spirit of Half-Life, Issues does have some very impressive entity work, which each individual mapper took to their own; and effectively used it to create some enjoyable scenes.

    Because each individual map is unique, I can only give Issues my overall impression. As a whole, it was enjoyable to play. It has some nicely made, well thought out traps, excellent monster placement in some areas and some great level design (especially Subzone by Kol and badass by Scourge).

    Texture usage was mediocre in some areas, but made up for in others. The entire game took me just over an hour and a half to complete (and I did use multiple quick-saves during that time). Another good thing about Issues is that it is virtually bug free, showing that the team was aiming for seamless gameplay throughout the maps. The only bug/imperfection, is one of the final maps – which you have a choice to play or not. Trust me when I say that the map, Xenpit (by Manoid) is near impossible to complete.

    Issue’s pros do outweigh its cons. I had a great time playing it, and I am confident most people will too. I really hope the Issues team churns out another user created project like this for Half-Life 2.

    Given this, I suggest that you download it to determine an opinion for yourself.

    This review is republished here by permission and was originally published Friday, 28th May, 2004 by Spect3r.

    This review was originally posted on the Ten Four Website, which is now offline.  Permission has been granted to republish the full review and more details can be found on the About page.

  15. Play It Now!

    Just like its follow up “Reissues”, this is a very nice and varied collection of eight little mods from different authors. I didn’t encounter a single bad mod (they range from average to very good) and also no bugs or technical problems at all (playing with WON Half-Life In addition, the use of Spirit of Half-Life leads to mostly good-looking maps.

    I really wonder why the readme.txt says about the “Xenpit” mod that “there are a lot of problems and bugs”. I finished this after about half an hour and it worked perfectly fine all the time. It’s just the layout that may be a bit confusing. Usually I don’t like Xen maps, but I absolutely enjoyed “Xenpit”.

    The only negative thing I can think of is the beginning of “Badass”, which is just stupid: After a few minutes you’ll end up being trapped in an elevator, and there’s no back and no forth, so you’ll have to restart the map. Actually you have to send the elevator down and jump on top of it, but that is easier said than done, because the only button for this is in the elevator and after pressing it, the doors close immediately, so you really have to fiddle around a while to press the button and leave the elevator before the doors close.

    All in all, I really strongly recommend “Issues” as well as “Reissues”.

  16. Play It Now!

    Very fun mod. Unfortunately some maps can be broken unintentionally. I remember one entry where there are three separate maps, last map is where you fight a helicopter. For some reason, I didn’t destroy it and the game didn’t progress anything. When I try to return, the triggers softlocked me from progressing the game. My personal favorite part was when you travel back in World War II and the best part is the immersion to that event. I love how the soldiers mentioned, “A man in orange armor,” the best way to immerse in that event.

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