for Half-Life 2

24th September 2006

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3

A single player level for Half-Life 2.

Your mission is to infiltrate a Combine lab. in a city.

It’s the author’s first single player level.

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Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
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  1. Okay, I’ve just finished playing this map pack and overall it was average. There were a couple of really nice sections but not enough for me to say “Wow!”

    There was a set piece with a couple of Ant Lion Guards that was badly designed meaning I was able to kill them without taking any damage at all. I’m sure the author spent a while creating this section and with a few tweaks it could be a really good section.

    One particular area stumped me and I had to resort to cheating (Bad I know, but perhaps that’s a reflection on the author not me?) I’m still a little unsure of the solution. Headcrabs in the airshafts is becoming SO predictable!

    The transition between the second and third map is terrible and the difference in style between them is too much. I have the feeling that the last map wasn’t even supposed to be part of the pack and was just added at the last minute. I could be wrong but that’s the feeling I have.

    PlanetPhillip School Report:
    Good effort but could do better!

  2. Cubedude89

    Im getting tired of waiting to download stuff on filecloud.

    Other then that I TOTALLY LOVE planetphillip!

  3. i dont wait does seem to have long waits for some reason.usually I get files right away

  4. Tigga

    sorry to seem stupid but whats the difference between a map and a mod???

  5. map is just a map with nothing to do.generally used for multiplayer/death match stuff

  6. Cubedude89

    A map or mappack only come with the bsp files, some times custom suff like materials and models. But you have to put them in the hl2 directory and start up the map/mappack from hl2 via console.

    A mod an all in one package that will run by just putting one folder in the sourcemods folder. And usually has a lot more custom stuff then map/map packs.

  7. Cubedude89

    btw: this was a cool map pack. Pretty cool lighting in some parts.
    Wish he would of made a node graph so that the AI wouldnt get disabled if I had to save and come back later to play. 😛

  8. I have a mixied filling playing this one. Start and 3 first map were quite enjoyable with some interesting puzzle (wood plate) vent and other but mixed through progress with hallways full of unrealistic and repetitive doors…finally the last part is really out of context with useless combat to make the gaming time increase…sad

  9. The Abandoned Workshops

    Rather easy except closer to the end when there are a few more enemies about but nothing hard at all as the player is given enough supplies to survive and beat the level. Most of the map is pressing consoles and fighting the combine, with a few small interesting moments and puzzles, however very linear and still a bit boring.

    Average all the way few, with a few structure errors here and there. Texturing was also quite moderate with some fitting choices but could have been used a lot better, as with the lighting, especially outside with the intense sunlight shining on the rocks and wall of the building. There was a lot of ambience sounds used throughout the map though which was a good touch so it felt more alive, yet the overall design wasn’t very good.

    Average design, with simple gameplay.

    Rating: 32%

  10. Mel

    After a long intro which includes Alyx being locked-up and the G-man baiting Freeman; your mission starts within the city overrun by the Combine, presumably to go rescue Alyx.

    The mod consists of a 161Mb download with 14 playable levels, thus making it one of the larger HL2 mods to date. The content is varied and contains most of the HL2 Cast and their hardware. Although the storyline is new, the plot follows a similar pattern to the original game. Consisting of the city and Combine complexes, buggy rides both road and water, gunship and Strider, the author in fact pulls-out most of the HL2 punches.

    This is a mod with as many highs as lows, as many positives as negatives, as many achievements as failures, as many mapping pluses as mapping errors. I cannot remember a mod with so many conflicts of virtues and vices.

    This should have been one the best HL2 mods to date, the fact that in my opinion, it’s not, is perplexing. All the right ingredients are here, the content is stuffed with action, hardware, varying environment settings, design and architecture on a grand scale, innovated story telling. I could go on. However, the whole experience falls well short of a mod that I could highly recommend, being that the ingredients do not add up to a whole.

    Looking back it’s difficult to recall one memorable sequence, one moment of high, one instance of most play that again, the mod has no buzz, no high-points and left me feeling cool, if not cold about the whole playing experience.

    Lots of negative points I know, to both explain why and hopefully raise some positives, I will summarize. The architecture is on a grand scale in places, but only skin deep in other areas, much of it looks inviting to explore, only to find nothing to discover with the risk of dropping out through the map floor. They are some fine and detailed areas with both a railway complex and a waterside warehouse being among several impressive looking pieces of work.

    The environment settings are variable, with a good mix of both external and internal layouts. The internal sequences of the mod are too long, with interest dropping off due to prolonged periods of navigating the same enclosed design. Such areas include the prison and Mothership levels.

    Set design and textures varied from adequate but nothing new, to boring and repetitive Mothership surroundings. Also some areas were poorly illuminated. With the Mothership levels being a case in question, at times I had to quit to give my eyes a rest.

    Nothing new in the way of skins or weapons. The ingame message system was unique for HL2, being styled as comic book drawing and captions, to relay both the story and its missions.

    While the content of the mod was full and variable, I never felt that a good balance existed. The buggy rides do not take full advantage of the potential these type of sequence can open up for the mappers. The rides were restricted to short episodes of getting from A to B with a few good combat encounters, but lacking in search and find, explore and discover or puzzle and solve elements.

    What puzzles there are, they’re the normal basic form of finding the button, locating the obscure ladder with a few jumps, climbs and laser beam limbo dancing. Nothing new.

    Bugs, and there are a lot, vary from falling through the map in many areas, seeing through doors on approach, leaking textures, unfinished structures and yet another suicidal HL lift. The lift sequence on the Mothership was by far the worst bug of all. I either crashed to death or just kept going up and down without end. I could not complete this sequence, which also included a level change, without cheating.

    Sound and light effects were adequate in areas, with sound incidental and atmospheric and the light being downright bad in some levels.

    The cutscenes and ingame message system were well scripted, if somewhat overdone.

    Negative Points.

    -Overuse of cutscenes and message captions
    -Dimly illuminated levels
    -Very linear progression
    -Drawn-out and repetitive levels
    -Poor and incomplete set design in places

    Positive Points

    -A complete and new mod
    -Fine architecture in places
    -Innovated parts
    -A good selection of HL2 cast and hardware
    -Hours of playing time
    -Having a storyline

    Never have I played a mod as this. One that consists of so much content that must have taken years of planning, work, effort, sweat and tears yet produced little in the way of memorable moments. Its such a shame much good work was wasted by releasing a far from complete and sound mod, with so many problems unaddressed.

    My impression is that this was a very ambitious and challenging project. One that took so long in the making, the developers just ran out of time and interest. The result is a mod which is very rough around the edges, bug loaded, poorly structured and uninspiring. You just wished you could get inside the mod and right it yourself. What a great mod it could have been.

    I cannot recommend this mod without reference to much of the above; but I think, you, the potential player should consider it. This is not by far the worst mod ever released, just one of the most disappointing which deserved a much better fate then to be released half dressed. There is still plenty of acceptable mileage in the mod to give most players a degree of fun and action. However, the overall feeling on completion may be a bit flat.

    My Recommendation

  11. Link is dead. After reading Mel’s long review (above) I was willing to give it a go. I have to laugh, the link is dead.

    1. Unq

      Please don’t leave a recommendation for a map you haven’t played.

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