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1st September 2000

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Basic Details
  • Title: Hostage
  • File Name: hl1-sp-hostage.7z
  • Original File Name:
  • Size : 343Kb
  • Author: Wendall Thomas
  • Date Released: 01 September 2000
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  1. Mel

    Ok played without bugs, short with a tough helicopter ending, very basic design

  2. piledriver

    Yup, what mel said. Competent beginner map pack. Could have had more enemies in the end sequence to make it really tough. 10-20 mins play.

  3. Think Twice

    Single map, no readme :/
    I couldn’t hear a spawning sound for a spawned alien slave.
    The length and design is poor, it’s very short (under 5 minutes) and boxy, odd and undetailed textures and layouts. The last section, a large outdoor area is cool though.
    What I like is the architecture of some rooms just as the mentioned outdoor area with containers and crates everywhere, incl. a nice fight.
    Balancing is very good here too.
    However, many things are missing to make it better so only real fans should play it.

  4. Ten Four Reviews

    When you play some maps, you just don’t need to read the text file to know that it’s a first-time attempt at mapping. Hostage is a perfect example of what not to release if you’re a mapper.

    This pack consists only of one map, and no background story is supplied. One may infer from the title that you have been captured and must escape. Indeed, you start seemingly as a prisoner in a room, then must fight your way out. Try not to notice how bland the map is along the way.

    As with many first-time maps, Hostage sports extremely basic architecture, complete lack of detail, questionable texturing, and linear gameplay. Everything in this map is rectangular, which severely detracts from the visual appeal. But at least the r_speeds are kept down.

    As for the combat, it’s mediocre at best. There is some variety in the enemies you’ll face, but the only real challenge you’ll come across is in the last area. This part is the only bit worth mentioning – it’s hide-and-seek with an Apache. Till you can find the rocket launcher, that is. And too bad the Apache can be heard throughout the entire map, which kind of ruins the surprise (not to mention that it’s really annoying).

    There really isn’t much to this map. The only attempt at a sequence is the room with slime pits that open suddenly for no apparent reason. But the slime barely even hurts you – I fell in for about 10 seconds and came away with plenty of health. Go figure. The gameplay consists only of pressing a couple of “Power” buttons that open doors, and of course killing whatever is in your way.

    In general, Hostage is a typical first map. Pass on this one.

    This review is republished here by permission and was originally published Tuesday, 19th December, 2000 by Unquenque.

    This review was originally posted on the Ten Four Website, which is now offline. Permission has been granted to republish the full review and more details can be found on the About page.

  5. Think Twice

    Very short and basic map. For a weird reason my guns didn’t have any shooting animations, so I don’t if that was the mod doing that or my game is broken.

    Anyway, I think this mod was very boring…

    So think twice before downloading this mod.

  6. Play It Later

    The first time I played this, I said, switch is broken and the door won’t open, so it is a dead end. I though the mod is made of one room only. Since weapons do not make a sound, maybe it was just a first test room. To tell the trough, it’s the best MP-5 I see in my life, it is so silent, that no one would realise where shots comes from and who is firing that gun!!

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