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22nd December 2006


Here’s my entry for the HL2Files.com contest. I may write more depending on how much time I have. If you like it be sure to vote for it, once the voting starts.


Gordon Freeman’s Blog

The ramblings of an under-appreciated scientist!

Day 1
I start my new job today at a place called XXXXX XXXX (Removed for security). Boy! the job description sounded great. By the sounds of things I’m really gonna be in the thick of it. They say that I’m going to be responsible for many things. I’m so glad I found a job where I can settle down and get into a routine..

Day 9
Well, it’s been over a week now and things haven’t worked out as I expected. Everybody is bossing my around. Telling me to do this and do that. Sure, they are friendly enough “Arh, Morning Freeman” they say but I can sense the undertones.

Day 11
I Met a really hot chick in the canteen today. She came over and sat opposite me. She started talking to me but I got so nervous (I’m shy around women) that I couldn’t say anything. In the end she just got up and sat somewhere else. I’ve got to get over being shy and nervous around women!

Day 12
Seems my nickname is Gordon Muteman! Bastards. If only they knew what it was like. One day they’ll need me, then we’ll see what my nickname is. I’ll show them.

Day 20
Sorry I haven’t written for a while I’ve been really busy at work. Got some big project coming up. Obviously I can’t tell you anything about it but it’s a big one. They’ve had me pushing carts all around the base all week. I’m not too bothered because I feel really fit and strong. Hopefully I’ll get a real workout soon. Maybe go to the shooting range and brush-up on my skills, never know when you are gonna need them, right?

Day 27
Well, it’s finally arrived. Today’s the day. All that cart pushing practice is going to be put to the test. Probably be one big anti-climax. Push the material into the field and watch as these “top scientists” fail again. No doubt nothing will happen and they’ll blame me for not pushing it at the right angle or speed.

Anyway, I’ve decided I’m going to walk right up to that chick and ask her out at lunch today, right in front of everybody. They won’t call me muteman any more! I’ll write more when I get home this evening. I may even tell you about my hot date! Damn, look at the time! I’m going to be late. Shit!


  1. I like it so what’s on day 28? don’t forget to put a link to the vote section when it’s open…

  2. I considered doing something for this,but I hate filefront(along with 3D Downloads) with a passion so have no need of thier prizes if I had been selected.
    Anyway,good work.Its hard to do something meaningful all in one page.

  3. so what’s on day 28?

    Well, day 27 is the day Half-Life starts, so since that all happens in one day I suppose Gordon Freeman is put to sleep by the Gman and day 28 is when he is woken up for Half-Life 2.

    have no need of their prizes if I had been selected.

    I doubt I would be a big user of the FastPass but I didn’t enter for the prize, although I do hope I win. An extra publicity is always welcome.

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