ForestVille: The fourth 6×10 Mapping Competition

3rd August 2012

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

Welcome to the fourth mapping competition in the 6×10 series.

For this competition I want you to create a forest environment.

One of the great things about Episode Two was the forest areas. They were fun to play and gorgeous to look at.

Now I recoginze that making beautiful forest scenes takes a long time, but I’m not expecting large areas. How you use the forest is up to you.

You could create a dark and atmospheric map, or a racing-style map. It could be exploration based or combat based.

What really matters is having a balance bewteen good-looking and fun to play.


The winner will be the map that uses forest assets in the most interesting way, combined with a map that is enjoyable to play.

Length is not a major consideration but very short maps must compensate by providing something intense or amazing.


The standard 6×10 rules apply, make sure you read them.

You MUST include a readme.txt file with your map. No readme, no chance to win.

If you have any questions about the theme or judging, just ask.

Sponsor and Prize

This competition is being kindly sponsored by EpicTimez.Com.

The prize, in addition to the points, is L.A. Noire: The Complete Edition.


6PM GMT 13th AUGUST 2012

As usual, if you have any questions, please use the comments system below or email me directly: [email protected].

There are NO additional rules that apply to this competition – but make sure you READ the main rules!

Visit the 6×10 Mapping Competition Series homepage for full details of the event and the rules.


  1. Arma

    Can we use different trees?

    1. Yes. Although using new assets won’t necessarily mean a maps would win.

  2. Ade

    Pls no remakes of Slender mod haha
    Can I request/suggest a magical yet dark forest with healing mushrooms, huge rabbit holes and talking trees?

  3. Damn the first 6×10 competition I plan on entering and I get the hardest theme so far… after working for about 2 hours and got something that makes me want to vomit.

    I hate working with displacements. Source was not made for this.

    1. tell that to the Dear Esther team. And of course, the Half-Life 2 Episode 2 team.

      1. They did a very good job. But I bet they hated every last moment of it… Anyway after a quick restart its starting to look better. 🙂

  4. I’d probably take part in this if that was currently possible for me.

    Instead I guess I am going to just wish luck to those who do take part.

  5. It has been said before, I bet pretty much everyone thought of making a Slender-Like map. If you do, make sure its something uniqe and don’t get-hunted-by-a-scary-man kinda map.

    And also, didn’t you say that there wouldn’t be any more competitions in the 6x10s?

    1. Yeah, I also thought 6×10 was dead


    2. I did, but I also clsoed the site and then changed my mind, which is what I did with these comps.

  6. MisterAddy

    I always intend to take part in these competitions but something always goes wrong. Can I just check whether it is OK to enter by finishing off a map which I had started making before but never released? If so maybe I can actually enter this time.
    PS Thanks for running more competitions Phillip!

    1. Not really, but okay. In reality there’s nothing to stop people building something and then “converting” it but it really depends on the theme.

      I would prefer you didn’t but if that means you won’t enter then go ahead. I would prefer more maps.

      1. Da Fat Cat

        Isn’t that unfair to the other entrants though?

        1. Yes, a little but at least he was honest. As I said others could have done it anyway. My main concern to to get fun maps, and to help mappers. The prizes are low down on my list of important aspects.

          1. MisterAddy

            That is why I was asking because I didn’t know if that would be considered cheating if ti hadn’t technically been made in 10 days. I won’t do it if other people think it is unfair towards them

            1. I dont know if you’re only doing it for winning but do it anyway and ask not to be classified if you’re feeling guilty. The more maps the better.

              1. MisterAddy

                I think I will do this because I don’t mind if I’m not entered for the prize – really I’m just using the competition as motivation for actually releasing something for once!

                1. Great, because that’s the ultimate aim of the competitions to get more maps finished.

  7. WizardExt

    Interesting theme. Loved those environments in episode 2. Great to have the competitions back!

  8. Eregion

    Hi Phillip.
    I was thinking on making a map for one of the competitions but im having the black viewports issue and I cannot seem to find a way to fix it. Do you have any idea?

    1. Glad to hear you want to enter. Unfortunately, I’m not a mapper myself, so I can’t help with your issue, except to point you in this direction:

      1. Eregion

        Thanks Phillip, its I was asking.

  9. Well, I’ve just submitted my entry for this contest.

    I hope people enjoy it more than the extremely mixed reviews from the last contest entry, as I took some serious notes from how the last one went.

  10. Okay I’ve sent in an entry. (at least I think I have, my email is a bit dodgy with large files!) I am very happy with how it turned out so I hope you all enjoy playing it. Good luck everyone who enters!

  11. sneakyspeckman

    FYI, mine is submitted as well. I ran out of time and some of it is a bit mashed together, but it turned out well. Hope you all enjoy it!

  12. Mazur

    Mine is sent as well. I’m quite sad at how things turned out and how I lost 2/3 of the map so it became incredibly short. At least I’ll have released something on source. It’s time to move on to non glitchy tools and engine.

    1. It sucks when the Source SDK does stuff like that. I wish Valve would spend a little more time updating it so we don’t have to put up with it. Sad to hear you’re giving up on it though.

  13. Someone just pointed out my map has the same name as a Disney cartoon. Guess I should have Googled first…

  14. SPY

    i am a bit surprised to not read who did win this contest because it is already quit some time released now. I can imagine that those who did add there work would like to know as well. but this has probebly to do with the summer holiday, although it is already half way down through September.

    o well, I loved to have added a map to to this contest, but like always am I still to busy with my own latest sp-mod. love all those great forest assets that come with HL2 ep2, they make it quit easy to make huge lovely maps.

    i played through all maps and loved most of them, did get stuck ones or twice, and one map did miss some textures what made them purple black what did spoil the game play fun quit a bit.

    thanks to all mappers, great stuff and it gave me 2 hours or so of fun!!


    1. You are looking at the wrong post. This one is the announcement and rules discussion.

      Please the release page.

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