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23rd November 2006

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

I’ve played, or should I say, started to play, a few 3rd person shooters. Splinter Cell Demo (I think), Metal Gear Solid (Again, I think. That’s the the Snake guy, right?) and maybe a few others, but I hated them. Seriously, I really disliked them.

Dark Sector looks like it could tempt me to try again. Whilst I doubt I will ever lose my love of FPS games it did get me thinking about whether there was a game that made people switch from one genre to another. I know I am very unusual in that I only play one genre and most people play a few but maybe there are others who only play one genre.

There’s no real point to this post except to ask “Has a game ever made you switch top another genre?” If so, which one?


  1. abbas

    you have very good Idea about The FPS Games

    But I Love Splinter Cell
    Only This Game always Has Surprise For me.

  2. Ezequielhl

    Resident Evil(s). And I liked it very much. Also Project Zero and Silent Hill, Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes, and another third person of those: Devil May Cry, Onimusha.

    And you know? I liked Half Life saga more than those games. It seems like first person shooter genre is my favorite category: the major part of muy games are FPS.

    It’s not bad to test some other categories. The FPS is the best for me, but anyone knows this category isn’t the “most revolutionary in gameplay” (Thank god to FEAR for this, finally). It’s seems like the FPS, most of them, depends of their graphics more than other kind of games. Just see about Doom 3.

  3. I’m an addicted to fps and have really dificulty to swith to TDS an expetion…Max payne

    a new genre is certainly Dark Messiah (recommanded by a fps friend) whish seems to be a good mix between fps and RPG

    what I liked the most in FPS is that it has an end and got replay value to amateur or pro release

  4. T.B. Biggs

    The short answer is-NO. Like you, I’ve tried other genres. Splinter Cell: way too much stealth and not enough shooter. Did NOT like it. Oblivion: bought this b/c you can switch between first and third person. My problem was that RPG’s involve too much complexity. Did NOT like it. Played Dark Messiah demo. Great graphics but the fighting was very dull. Did NOT like. So, I keep trying other genres, mainly when there’s nothing new in FPS. That’s why I love all the maps and mods available at PP 🙂

  5. I’m a pure FPS person I think.I never really liked games on PC till I got Half-Life and now I have a case full.I’m currently playing Fears add on and a new game called The Mark.(Unsure if I like it).There are so many games I dont think you can actually place a person in a catagory because alot of game cross the line into FPS and strategy(C&C).I”m gonna ask a question now to ask what is a FPS?.Sure shooting guns,evading enemy falls into that but why does a deer hunting game not go in same catagory? Its a FPS in reallity.

  6. Technoblue

    I use to be a big RTS fan. CnC Series (command and conquer) and Sim City, etc. As well as the odd puzzle game, then I played the half-life uplink demo, and I haven’t looked back since. FPS is now my main genre for PC.

  7. shungokusatsu

    Well I play mostly fps but I also play a lot of fighter games, particularly soul calibur and street fighter. I also like retro style games such as r-type final.

  8. Zockopa

    In 3rd Person Perspective I like Heretic-II and
    – very – Rune. Max Payne part one bored me to
    death so is avoided to play the second part…

  9. Zeroth404

    I’ve been in love with the FPS genre for as long as I’ve been playign games. I do enjoy other genres, but I’m picky about games in general.

    Games I’ve loved that weren’t FPSs:
    Arcanum (Top-view RPG)
    StoneKeep (Fantasy First-Person RPG)
    Diablo 1
    Diablo 2 (D1 > D2)
    StarCraft (RTS)
    Mage Slayer (top-view action)
    Zelda series (top view RPG)
    Resident Evil series (3rd Person survival horror)
    Dino Crysys (3rd person survival horror)
    Silent Hill 1 (3rd person survival horror)
    Metal Gear Solid

  10. I think third person lends itself to a different type of gaming – namely that of the “stealth action” genre – way better than it does games where your primary goal is to kill.

    Personally I love a change of pace now and again and find something like Splinter Cell or the Hitman games – if I play games like this properly (i.e. the goal is not to kill everyone in the level, the goal is to complete the assigned mission and make judicious kills where necessary to completing your task) I get a lot of enjoyment out of them. It’s the joy of testing my brain rather than my hand-eye coordination and twitch-fire reflexes.

    And anybody who never played Thief: Deadly Shadows “Shalebridge Cradle” level has never played the most scary level ever made for any game ever. This is proper psychological horror as opposed to “sudden noise/ hidden monster makes you jump” type scares.

    Apart from the Max Payne games I don’t think anyone has really got to grips with the mechanics of making a good third person shooter – but the Max Payne games are good enough to prove that it can be done if the designers put the effort in.

  11. David

    Quake 2 originally got me into FPS’s. But I got out of that before Quake 3 hit stores. I was out of the genre for a while and then I played F.E.A.R. That game made me switch solely to FPS’s where upon I found Halo and Halo 2 and played (as well as fell in love with) them.

  12. PasserbywhosometimesplaysotherthingsbesidesHL

    Years of my life lost to:

    – the original Wolfenstein 3d
    – Doom & Doom II
    – Half-Life 1&2

    Non- FPS:
    (see, now also available on Steam)

    Misc. point&click games (see

    FPS games I’ve looked into but left me cold:
    – F.E.A.R.
    – Farcry
    -Doom iii

  13. PasserbywhoplaysHL

    Almost forgot:

    Most anticipated new release:

    (Any game that’s based on a Tarkovsky movie has got to be utterly mind-blowing!)


  14. Tulip

    I grew up with an NES in homeschooling, and I did about 3 hours of school work to ultimately end up getting to finally play it. I don’t know if that was my sole source of motivation, heh, but it sure did make me want to get my work done! Anyway, the games I had, that I got all from one of my dad’s work friends, were some Super Mario Bro’s, of course, and then a Looney Toons game(which I LOVED) and finally Prisoners of War.

    I dunno how, I dunno why, but I was hooked; POW was ‘the game” for me. It was probably “cause it had so much friggin” sweet action, and I got to go to “foreign countries” and blast all these different, cool, bad guys and big tanks with big guns and stuff like that. I loved that game, even with cheats it was great.

    So later on in life, about 6 or so years ago, I had a friend who had a computer(lolz), and he had this game called Unreal Tournament on it. I watched him play it, then I wanted to play it! It was like, fresh air from anything I’ve ever seen before. I just love all the crazy mods, maps, fast action, blazing guns, gibs all over the place…stuff! Since I found UT, the only non- FPS games I’ve ever liked were that on the N64, console, of course, like Body Harvest, Duke Nukem:Zero Hour, and a few others…but generally, I’ll play in 3rd person in some games like UT or Serious Sam just for some fun. I only enjoy 3rd person on the console because the way you play the game is so different from a FPS, and it’s fun that way(if the game is actually fun!). There’s also the whole “console fun factor” that the PC hasn’t gotten yet, due to all of the knowledge and troubleshooting most likely needed to simply jump into a game, lay back, and enjoy it for hours. Although console FPS games can be decent, PC FPS is where it’s at for me, and probably always will be. Quake 1 & 2, the first Dooms, SS, UT, HL2, RTCW…all those classics!

  15. Old Scratch

    Well, at the moment, Steam has me ready to rip HL2 et all off my computer forever. But that’s for another time.

    I have enjoyed everything from the original DOOM, thru Duke Nukem 3d (when is the next version EVER going to come out!?!?), DOOM3, Quake and Q2; and, of all things, American McGee’s Alice–talk about a wonderfully wicked game!! I also enjoy playing CaesarIII, and am looking forward to playing CaesarIV.

    I guess my point is, it depends on the game and the immersiveness. I stopped playing FarCry because you can’t save your progress right before a particularly difficult section, and the difficult sections tend to be *so* difficult that I can’t seem to beat them to save my neck–so I go away. Sad, because I kinda liked FC.

  16. I’m not entirely sure because I don’t have FC installed but I thought they made a mod that allows you to save anywhere. When I get home I will look for it.

  17. JC

    Hmmm… I’m also a big FPS fan, but I certainly enjoyed playing Max Payne 1 & 2.
    Max Payne is the only Third Person Shooter that can actually “fight” with the greatest FPS titles ,IMO.

  18. SPY

    i also am a real FPS, and I also don’t like to play 3th person shooters. but I ahve played some of them, like MAx Payne2, Hitman, (who had the choise of changing between 1th and 3th person!) and some others that I forgot. every time I play a 3th person shooter I thought it was a shame they didn’t make it a 1th p shooter. only with the GTA (grant theft auto) series, (2,3,vice city and san andreas) I liked it being a 3th p game play) because I also like race games and those I always play 3th person. so you see your vehicel from behind, instead of others who like to play the race games so that you see the road from the inside of the car. it’s much nicer to see your own car crash and go through corners, but that’s racing. for shooting games I also prefer fp.


  19. JC

    Leon, any news about your upcoming mapping projects?
    BTW, would you like to map for Max Payne 2? 😉

  20. SPY

    thanks for asking JC, I keep this short because we get otherwise of topic on PP. I made in the mean time 2 Prey sp-maps, 1 Cod2 sp-map and am about to release soon 2 Fear sp-maps. and, biggest news of all, will start a new HL2 sp-project(first time that this info is out, Phillip will be part of this new project. for sure you will hear soon more about this here I asume. just decided this today, so it’s to soon to talk about it realy). would love to Max Payne2 sp-map, but I don’t think that I have time for it due to this new project.


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