Announcing CombineBaseVille Mapping Challenge

27th May 2015

For this mapping challenge, I would like you to create a map that is set in a Combine base. The map can start anywhere you like, either just outside a hidden base or just after you enter.
It’s your decision.

Once inside the base, you can have the player do anything you want – destroy or disable certain machinery, rescue a high-ranking Resistance leader or even just escape alive.

As much as I would love high or deep vertical areas, the base doesn’t have to be that way.

I am looking to be impressed by the base as much as I want to have a lot of fun fighting within it.

Ideally, there would be a WOW moment in the map somewhere.


The deadline for submitting entries is:

12pm GMT Monday 15th June 2015

That’s 19 Days – 3 full weekends.

General Advice

Whilst most Combine architecture is tall, if the base is a re-purposed human area, it doesn’t have to be that way. However, simply using the blue combine textures doesn’t make it a base either.


I highly recommend The Beta Testers Collective.

But since it is holiday time, please make sure you give them plenty of time to test.

Of course, you can get anybody you want to test your maps, but the BTC are very good at it and provide excellent feedback.

Prize and Judging Criteria


The prizes for this mapping challenge are for Origin NOT Steam.

There will be three prizes available: Winner, Runner Up and random prize draw for all the other entries.

They have been kindly donated by an anonymous PP/RTSL Supporter and the winner and Runner Up will be selected by a public vote.

The Winner will select their prize first and then the Runner Up will select theirs and finally the random prize draw winner will then select theirs.

They will select from the following games: Dead Space, Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box, Crysis 2 Maximum Edition, Medal of Honor (“new” MoH), Mirror’s Edge, Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 and Populous.

General Rules
  • Maximum two maps per mapper per competition.
  • The map must be original and not have been released publicly before.
  • The map must run in system with only Ep2 installed
  • By entering the competition you grant RunThinkShootLive.Com the right to release the map as part of the CombineBaseVille Mod.
  • Maps must not appear before the release and for one month after the release of the mod.
  • No assets from retail games other than HL2, HL2: Ep1 or HL2: Ep2 are allowed.
  • Other assets are allowed with written permission from their original authors, which MUST be included in the entry.
  • Phillip’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into about it.
  • The map MUST have a proper name.
  • The map MUST have a proper filename: MapName_cbv.bsp
  • All entries must be sent to: [email protected] no later than the deadline.
Bonus Map

There is no bonus map for this challenge.

Final Thoughts

Replay Ep1 for some inspiration.

As always, feel free to post questions here as comments or send an email to me if you want a private answer.


  1. Nev

    Can you clarify this for me, please?

    Maps must not appear before the release and for one month after the release of the mod.

    Does this mean we can’t publish screenshots of our map until one month after release or that we can’t publish the map itself?

    1. It means you can’t release the map itself.

      I fully encourage you to use this thread to show WIP screenshots and maybe even a regular update notice.

      1. Nev

        Thanks for the reply!

        By the way, I think there’s a typo in the deadline: 12pam.

  2. JG

    I think there are a lot of ways one could go with this. I think I have a good idea of the “what,” but not really the “where” at this point.

    1. JG

      I think I’m going to call it here. Not motivated enough to contribute to this one versus the other option I was considering.

      1. It’s always a shame to hear you are not entering – hopefully next time.

  3. Very excited to see what comes out of this one. 😀

    I would enter but as I discovered with CityStreetsVille I have neither the time nor the ability. 🙁

  4. Why do you do this to me?

    1. Because I love making your life difficult.

  5. KernalPanic

    So it says no assets from any other Retail game outside ep1 ep2 etc… What about customs made assets that are packed into the level?

    1. Yes, that is fine. If you make them great, if other people make them, please get and include their written permission.

      1. Is this needed for content licensed under Creative Commons and “custom” licenses stating that the requirement is simply giving credit? (assuming credit is of course given in the map and in a credits.txt file)

        1. If something is available under the Creative Commons agreement, then a simple credit in your readme will be fine.

  6. This really sounds like the idea behind Minerva. That might be another good reference point for this competition.

    Anyways, I’ll attempt to make something for the competition. No guarantees that I will finish on time or anything, as I have other things to do, but I really like the theme of the competition, and pretty sure lots of good things can come from it.

    1. I kind of lost interest in the map I was building, and really I didn’t really get past the ideas phase, due to most puzzles in the citadel-like environment requiring a super gravity gun, which then also becomes the primary weapon.

  7. I think i’ll give it a try! I never really been good at combine-like architecture but I think it’s about time I learned how.

    1. I wish you success. Even if you don’t win, it’s good practice to work to a deadline with a set theme.

      1. Thanks, I had a question though, Is it allowed to make combine overtaken architecture? Similar to hl2 how the European architecture has been taken over by the combine and the combine metal structures have been built on top or is it strict Inside of citadel-like maps?

        1. Is it allowed to make combine overtaken architecture?

          Yes, you are allowed to do that.

  8. cubicApocalypse

    Are textures from the HL2 leak allowed?

  9. Progress has gone quite well. (spoilers) it will be a map about infiltrating a combine water waste plant that steals water and dries out the ocean.

    Here is some images work in progress images:

    I had some small questions though, like how long it should be, how much quality it should have and gameplay, and from the looks of the pictures, is this the kind of map acceptable for the contest?

    1. No, it’s not against the rules, the the link seems to have disappeared.

        Does this work?

        I thought i’d share some of the things I made themed around combine stuff since this contest is about combine bases and stuff.

        Im having a lot of fun, and learning a lot of new things. Hopefully i”ll have a fun map done by the end deadline, which reminds me. Can you upload the map before the deadline?

        1. Yes, you can send me the map before the deadline. Remember, it must not appear on another website before and for one month after the release of the mod – so please send it directly to me.

  10. Im almost ready to send in the map, I just had a few questions:
    I have an automatic disconnection once the game is over, should I keep this or remove it? (Point_clientcommand: disconnect) once you finish. Otherwise it will just fade out.

    Should it include HDR?

    I decided to call my map for tele_aqua_cbv. Is this an acceptable name?

    Otherwise I will be sending the map sometime later today.

    1. Yes, keep the auto disconnect.

      It’s up to you if you want to include HDR, but I would.

      Yes, that’s an acceptable name.

      I’m looking forward to playing it.

      1. I sent it now, I hope to hear from you and the others soon! I’m very excited for feedback and what you and others will think.

  11. Nev

    I’m sad to say that I’m not going to enter. I somehow didn’t have enough free time to really polish and complete my map. While it’s technically playable, there are many bugs and visually it’s still completely dev-textured. The map is also less than half of what I originally wanted to make.

    While I’ve failed to complete it before the deadline, I will probably work on it more when I have time and release it as a separate map.

    I’m really new to making playable HL2 maps, and I’ve learned a lot in these past two weeks. Thank you for the opportunity!

    1. Sorry to hear you won’t make the deadline.

      Just a word of warning – I’ve heard so many people say they will finish a map and release it at a later date and never do. Set yourself a realistic timeframe to finish but not add and stick to it.

      I’m glad you feel you have benefited from the challenge.

  12. When will the judging and such begin?

    1. I’ll start building the mod this week and then I’ll release it, hopefully next weekend. After that, I’ll allow about a week to ten days for the vote.

      1. Great, im really looking forward to it!

  13. I only received 1 entry. I will create the mod ASAP.

    1. Well, congratulations, Ethosaur? X)

      1. Well that’s depressing haha, I guess it was just me :p
        I really put a lot of heart in to the map, so hopefully even though it was just me, it was worth it!

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