Dead Lab

for Half-Life 2: Episode Two

Set in a research facility, where experiments were performed on non-human organisms, you find yourself fighting the things you were supposed to be protecting.

Do you go to the surface for help or deeper into the complex?

Alone and confused, you must make wise choices and use your skills carefully.


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for Half-Life 2

“Similar to Super Gordon Bros, this time Gordon somehow manages to get to Dracula’s castle. Of course, it’s full of zombies and Gordon’s duty is to cleanse the castle of this filth.”


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Lost Industry

for Half-Life 2: Episode Two

Author’s Description: “Far East from City 14, in a combine weapon factory…

Metrocops and Combine soldiers are securing this place, making sure everything is safe and nothing goes wrong.

Rebel activity is rare, thanks to the factory’s defense force. The air is heavy and it’s cold, every part of this facility feels unsafe, it’s not made for a man like yourself.

The factory noises never stop, there is no silence. Rumors say that the Combine enslaving citizens and bringing them here where they are treating them within inhuman conditions.

It’s time to put an end to this, but be aware the AirEx facility is not far from your current position, make sure you breath air in just as many as you need, and don’t stick around for too long.


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The Mesa Cup 2018 – Challenge 2 – The Tram Complex

Hello and welcome to the Mesa Cup, a series of three Black Mesa single player mapping challenges.

If you are new to my mapping challenges, please see the event’s homepage: THE MESA CUP 2018 as well as the CALENDAR of the mapping challenges for the entire 2018.

Theme Details

Trams and trains are iconic in the Half-Life series of games. Black Mesa especially has memorable tram sequences – starting off with the incredible atmospheric opening train ride. But there’s also the entire On A Rail chapter, and the short but crazy ride at the beginning of Apprehension.

For this challenge, we would like you to create a map that features a tram. The type of tram and how it is used is completely up to you. The player does not necessarily have to ride on the tram, but the tram must play a key part in the map.

We’re pretty flexible on what counts as a “tram” for this challenge – generally, something that can be ridden from point A to point B that isn’t just a simple elevator. What’s more important is how it’s integrated into the map and the gameplay. Maybe there’s a cool sequence witnessed by the player as they sweep by on a BMRF tram. Maybe there’s some clever tram-to-tram firefights. Surprise us!


The deadline for submission is:

11pm GMT Tuesday 21st August 2018

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