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Latest 25 Comments
27 Apr 2017 ToxicVille Great to see so many entries in one of these mapping competitions. I'd say this was a well-chosen...
12 Aug 2016 AnyVilleVille I agree with most of what's been said, but I'll make a quick comment on each map. [recimage ...
19 Jul 2016 The Hammer Cup 16: Challenge 5: AnyVilleVille Submitted my entry last night. Looking forward to playing everybody else's maps!
23 Nov 2015 November Mapping Challenge Looking forward to it.
19 Nov 2015 Next Mapping Challenge I don't have any specific preferred dates. I'll likely be busy with a job throughout December, bu...
02 Nov 2015 HalloweenVilleTwo I'm a bit of a scaredy-cat when it comes to games. I bought Amnesia in a steam sale but still hav...
09 Oct 2015 HalloweenVilleTwo Mapping Challenge Announcement Unfortunately I'm in a similar boat. I'd like to make something, but I have my coursework due a l...
19 Mar 2015 RaiseTheBarVille - Joint Mapping Challenge with MapCore This is a very cool theme! It'd be easy to come up with some fun ideas. I wish I could submit a m...
21 Nov 2014 Horrorville I'm glad that a decent number of people found something to like in The Host. I think that the bas...
21 Nov 2014 Horrorville I'm afraid that I spoiled myself by watching Phillip's stream, but after playing the mod myself I...
24 Jul 2014 CombinationVille I felt that this was a fairly strong competition, even if there were only three entries plus the ...
02 Jul 2014 July 2014 Mapping Competition This'll be the first time I've had free time during a competition for a while, so hopefully I can...
02 Jan 2014 DefendVille In 906 you have to press the blinking radio button to make events move forward. Sorry about that.
29 Dec 2013 MovieVille I thought that the theme for this competition had a lot of potential, it's too bad that there are...
22 Dec 2013 3x10: Competition 3: MovieVille Unfortunately I won't be entering this competition. I found a concept I liked, but got a bit lost...
13 Dec 2013 3x10: Competition 3: MovieVille Definitely didn't expect this theme but I'm glad you went with it, I'm looking forward to some ve...
07 Dec 2013 DefendVille When I was playing an antlion managed to blow itself up on one of the mines I had just placed, wh...
07 Dec 2013 DefendVille It's good to see so many entries in this competition. Hopefully the third competition is just as ...
07 Dec 2013 DefendVille **Spoilers** Thank you, this is pretty much spot on. If you send all of the equipment to the o...
26 Nov 2013 3x10: Competition 2: DefendVille Despite aiming for both daily updates and beta testing, I fail yet again to manage either. Switch...
16 Nov 2013 3x10: Competition 2: DefendVille No problem. I'm still considering different options and might end up having the transmission anyw...
15 Nov 2013 3x10: Competition 2: DefendVille Sound interesting, I was just thinking about a defence theme actually! I like the idea of tying t...
23 Oct 2013 3x10: Competition 1: AmbushVille Nine maps is quite a haul, congrats Phillip
22 Oct 2013 3x10: Competition 1: AmbushVille I remember it usually taking a week, or a little while longer.
22 Oct 2013 3x10: Competition 1: AmbushVille I think the problem was the time zone difference. It was late at night when I sent the first emai...
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