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yet another mod enthusiast
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  1. PAYDAY 2
  2. Deus Ex
  3. BPM - Bullets Per Mintue
  4. Cruelty Squad
  5. SWAT 4


  1. Spherical Nightmares
  2. Underhell
  3. TWHL Tower 2
  4. The Citizen 2
  5. Residual Life

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05 May 2022 Vote for the May 2022 Classic of the Month! I'd definitely recommend Residual Life as a Classic of the Month, especially considering the newe...
28 Apr 2022 Half-Life: Field Intensity 13 years of development really shows! There's a lot of nods and acknowledgements towards all ...
25 Feb 2018 Autonomy Lost An all-around okay mod, but compared to HTC it feels a bit empty. HTC had a distinct array of env...
01 Jul 2017 July 2017 General Chat GMDX, a (free) remake/modification for Deus Ex that has been in development since 2013, is releas...
15 Sep 2015 Storage A fun little map. I especially enjoyed the additional "hard mode" level, cleverly changing the ma...
13 Sep 2015 Poll Question 320 - Would you prefer Valve outsourced Half-Life 3? Yes, but under certain conditions. Unfortunately, HL3 has developed 'Duke Nukem' Forever' synd...
03 Sep 2015 WaterVille I don't think 'satire' is the right word. The author may of not been able to meet the deadline, a...
03 Sep 2015 WaterVille Not the shortest number of entries in a mapping challenge, but I still had fun playing both maps,...
27 Jul 2015 Hobo Adventure The only real 'puzzle' in the mod can be solved by blindly wandering around and bringing object t...
30 May 2015 My First Map Understandably, an author's very first map is commonly their worst work, I'd be interested in whe...
26 Apr 2015 Spherical Nightmares The 'facility' the player begins in is a original setting, and genuinely interesting enough to ex...
07 Apr 2015 Aberration I encountered a similar problem, except in this case, the underground caves were replaced with a ...
06 Apr 2015 Lost in Transmission The island you're on is very abstract, in order to 'win', you're going to need to think outside t...
06 Apr 2015 Avenue Odessa This newer version offers improvements to the first level, and adds an additional map/boss fight....
03 Apr 2015 Beach Party Pedro, while I cannot cite myself as a WWII enthusiast, perhaps you could clarify the historical ...
03 Apr 2015 Beach Party The map already sets off to a rocky start when I immediately had a hard time navigating 'past' th...
02 Apr 2015 School Shooting Escape If we were to take this map seriously, as in assuming the author made any real effort to make thi...
26 Feb 2015 Poll Question 307 - How long will you play until turning on GOD mode? I'd lower the difficulty first, but if Easy becomes a challenge, then either the map has already ...
18 Feb 2015 Tr1p If there's one thing this mod does right, it's the tidbits of detail that add to the immersion of...
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