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05 Feb 2012 Poll Question 260 - Would you choose an amazing gaming PC or $1000 worth of games? I would take the $1000 in games, provided I didn't have to spend it all at once, or only on Steam...
03 Jul 2011 Poll Question 230 - How many games do you own that you haven't played yet? I'm glad to say that I only own 5 games that I haven't played. The only one for PC, Team Fortress...
24 Dec 2010 Poll Question 204 - Should mod makers replace the voices of established characters? You know, I've played through outpost 16 multiple times, mostly because I keep hearing that Alyx ...
20 Nov 2010 Poll Question 199 - For mod media, do you prefer screenshots or videos? I also prefer screenshots. It leaves much more to be surprised about when the actual finished pro...
20 Nov 2010 Interviewing my own readers What's your name? Justin, but I usually go by any number of nicknames people have given me IRL. ...
24 Oct 2010 How to make a boring single player mod Alright picture this: Large room, hundreds of Combine, scremo really loud, Combine have AR2s and ...
10 Oct 2010 Poll Question 193 - If a character dies in Episode Three, who should it be? I voted for Barney. I just don't feel he had a very important role overall. Sure, he's been usefu...
19 Aug 2010 What have the Combine ever done for us? I'm rather grateful for the elimination of gang violence. Before the Combine's arrival, my sector...
01 Aug 2010 Poll Question 183 - Is School Shooter bad for gaming? Now I don't condone violence, but I do have the presence of mind to know that it's just a game, a...
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