Poll Question 230 – How many games do you own that you haven’t played yet?

25th June 2011

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

Mine’s bigger than yours. There I said it. Let the contradictions begin….

Oh wait, maybe you thought I mean something else. Silly me. My collection of unplayed SP FPS games is bigger than yours. There, that’s better.

One day, I will go down to my basement and bring up the two or three boxes I have and lay them out on the sitting room floor and photograph them. Problem is that a lot a from before you were born (Ha! Just kidding) and came with cardbord boxes, which I had to flatten and in some cases rip when I moved from the UK.

That means their value had dropped, but I have gone off on a tangent, sorry.

I have no doubt that I own at least 30 games I haven’t played and in some ways that shameful. Shameful waste of money.

Anyway, I’ll probably waste some more tomorrow and if the FEAR package is still available for 9.99 Euros I’ll get that. Which, of course, got me thinking about the whole unplayed games thing.

I wonder if I will ever play them? Maybe I need to play all the ones on my Steam list before I buy more. The problem is that those Steam Sales are just too good to miss.

Actually, I think I’ll wait for the Steam Summer Sale and then waste spend the money.

The Poll


  1. Da Fat Cat

    I’m proud to say that the only 5 games I haven’t played are part of the humble indie bundle, which I really just bought for World of Goo and Braid.

  2. platoon

    4 vote for “21 and up” ? common…
    its miracle “1 to 5” for me, I mean its a “foolishness” to give a money without play it for me… Evan I have 1 game bought in my life and its halflife 2 orange box for only 10 USD when its come with reduced prize from steam

    there is poor people want to play games but can’t give a money for it; like me, so think about it when you waste your money please…

    and sorry my English grammar

  3. I haven’t played 2 games on my Steam account yet. Those 2 games are:

    Dark Messiah Might and Magic Multiplayer, which I got for free at some Polish gaming forums. And the other one would be Medal of Honor: Airborne.

    Going to play MOH: Airborne when I get a better computer. Steam doesn’t seem to allow me to play that game on my laptop. :/ Perhaps the specs are too low?

  4. There are about 8 games from the potato sack that I haven’t played, but thats about it. I am a college student on a budget, so I always try to make my purchases count. However, I recently got my first debit card so now that I have full control over my spending on steam, I have no idea how I will fare over the numerous steam sales and deals

  5. Bramblepath

    I’ve pledged to not buy any more games before I’ve completed all the ones I currently own. It’s not going badly so far:

    Half-Life 2
    Episode One
    Episode Two (Almost!)

    I’ll finish it soon, and then buy more games! Yay! I’m not looking forward to playing some of the games in that indie bundle I bought, though.

  6. 1. DeusEx.
    2. Dead Space.
    3. Fallout 3. Game of the Year Edition.
    4. The Orange Box. (The original).
    5. Half Life 2.
    6. American McGee’s ALICE.
    7. Half Life Generation.
    8. VIETCONG.
    9. TRON 2.0.
    10. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002.
    11. Alone in the Dark.
    12. Return to Castle Wolfernstein. Special Edition.
    15. Combat Flight Simulator 3. Battle for Europe.
    16. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. A Century of Flight.
    17. IL2 Sturmovik. + Operation Barbarossa.
    18. STALKER. Shadow of Chernobyl.
    19. machinarium. Collector’s Edition.
    20. World of Goo. (My only virtual game purchase, 1$).

    That is the sum total of my PC games that are still viable to play on XP.
    Of them “Dead Space.” And “Fallout 3. Game of the Year Edition” have not yet been installed or played yet.
    The most heavily played of them is “Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. A Century of Flight” with over 30 gig of extra content. All free!
    Second, of course is HL2, even though I have yet to finish episode 2 due to my hatred of timed sections! But I have played more than 50 mods of this iconic game…………………….
    My PC is mostly a 3D modelling tool and a flight sim so my games are somewhat limited!

    PS. As for console games I have quite a few “COLECO VISION” and “Intellivision” cartridges! I got rid of my enormous sack of C64 games! I have kept a large supply of “Amiga” games also.

  7. Derbler

    massive difference between the amount I have not played and the amount ive played, but not finished. massive.

  8. The Joker

    I personally only buy games that I really like and or have good reviews, which would mainly be RTS games, and FPS games on the Source engine.

    Every other game that I kind of want that I could play from time to time, I pirate from Warez.

  9. Umm, well I’ve tried all mah games, but how about a list of games I tried out and gave up quick?
    1. Big Mutha Truckers 2
    2. Nicktoon Party Blast
    3. Nicktoons Racing
    4. Quake II for the PS2 (PC is much better)
    5. Supersponge
    6. singlescollection II

    I may have more but that’s all I remember. Sorry. I hope this counts.

  10. I would consider myself as being very disciplined with my spending habits so I tend not to buy anything when I know it will just sit around. That being said, Valve has had me part with my moneys on numerous occasions so I have quite a few games that I haven’t started playing yet.

    In fact, I have created two categories in my steam library; Games that I haven’t played yet and games that I need to finish, just to remind me that they are there waiting.

    And then there’s the list of mods I haven’t gotten around to yet…

    I’ve been telling myself that I can’t buy any more games until I finish the ones that I have already but I think that will all go out the window when the ‘summer” and Christmas sales roll round.

    Damn it Valve why do you make your Steam Sales so tempting…

  11. Argos

    21 and Up!

    Well… If I only count Steam Games, then I have 109 games (I know I’am f***ing crazy), but you must admit some Special Packs / Pre-Pursaches are too good. And every single week (indeed almost every single day) Steam offers us excelent games too cheap!

    My plan is play all of them once at least… someday… when Valve releases Half-Life 3/Ep3 (Valve Time, you know…)

    Complete list in Spoiler
    [If spolier tag doesn’t work correctly and this post is too long, please edit it]

    Steam Games (bold: finished, italic: played)

    Counter-Strike: Source
    Counter-Strike: Source Beta
    Day of Defeat: Source
    Half-Life 2
    Half-Life 2: Deatchmatch
    Half-Life 2: Episode One
    Half-Life 2: Episode Two
    Half-Life 2: Lost Coast
    Halif Life Deatchmatch: Source
    Half-Life: Blue Shift
    Half-Life: Opposing Force
    Half-Life: Source
    Left 4 Dead
    Left 4 Dead 2
    Portal 2
    Team Fortress 2
    Team Fortress 2 Beta
    Team Fortress Classic

    Amnesia: The Dark Descent
    The Ball
    Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light
    Prince of Persia
    Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands
    Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

    Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones
    Prince of Persia: Warrior Within
    The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition
    Thief: Deadly Shadows
    Tomb Raider: Annyversary
    Tomb Raider: Legend
    Tomb Raider: Underworld

    Flora’s Fruit Farm
    Mini Ninjas
    Season of Mystery: The Cherry Blossom Murders

    SHOOTER (Action)
    Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY Edition
    The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena
    Conflict: Denied Ops
    Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition
    Deus Ex: Invisible Wars
    Duke Nukem Forever
    Far Cry

    Far Cry 2
    Front Mission Evolved
    Hitman 2: Silent Assassin
    Hitman: Blood Money
    Hitman: Codename 47
    James Bond: Blood Stone
    Just Cause
    Just Cause 2
    Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days
    Kane & Lynch: Dead Men
    Project: Snowblind
    Quantum of Solace
    Red Faction
    Red Faction II
    Red Faction: Armageddon
    Red Faction: Guerrilla
    Rogue Trooper
    Wolfenstein 3D
    Wolfenstein 3D: Spear of Destiny

    BioShock 2
    Cold Fear
    Dead Space
    Dead SPace 2
    FEAR 2: Project Origin
    FEAR 3
    FEAR: Extraction Point
    FEAR: Perseus Mandate

    Metro 2033
    Resident Evil 5
    Return to Castle Wolfenstein

    Shellshock 2: Blood Trails

    Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Multiplayer)
    Medal of Honor (Multiplater)
    Medal of Honor (Single Player)
    Medal Of Honor: Airborne

    Age Of Conan: Hyborian Adventures
    Dungeon Siege
    Dungeon Siege 2

    Dungeon Siege III
    Final Fantasy XI
    The Last Remnant
    Neverwinter Nights 2: Platinum

    Battlestations: Midway
    Battlestations: Pacific
    Commandos 2: Men Of Courage
    Commandos 3: Destination Berlin

    Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines
    Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty

    Company of Heroes
    Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts
    Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor

    Order of War
    Supreme Commander

  12. MikeS

    There are 130 games in my Steam account, so yeah, there are a lot I haven’t played (or intend to play). I tend to pick up games I’m curious about when they’re dead cheap in a sale, or offered in bundles. My best buy was undoubtedly Flatout Ultimate Carnage, which I got for £1.70 when they knocked 90% off the price in a weekend sale. I’ve logged over 300 hours of gameplay so far and I still boot it up most days.

    Mind you, if Steam let us sell unwanted games on I reckon I’d get rid of 70+ of those 130 games tomorrow. But there’s a saying here in the UK: “It’s all swings and roundabouts”. It means what you lose here you gain there. Everything balances out in the end. For every piece of crap I’ve bought there’s been a gem.

  13. Around 500+ across platforms. I wish I was kidding…

  14. Kyo

    Certainly more than 21. See, what ends up happening is that I’ll buy a bunch of games when they are on sale, especially doing the generous Steam sales, and they’ll sit until I play with them. Some just fall through the cracks for one reason or another. Or I’ll play with them for only an hour or two and never come back to it.

    If a game doesn’t hook me in the first couple hours, I’m most likely not going to bother with the rest of it. My time is valuable and I can’t wait all day for the developers to “get to the point.” You must prove to me why your game should hold my attention. For that reason, I have no problem with shortish games. I’d rather have an 8-10 hour campaign that has a lot of variety and action than a 300 hour grindfest packed with filler and busy work.

    A games-by-mail rental service like GameFly might be a better option for me, but it costs too much per month.

  15. k00pa

    22 games. (if you count expansions)

    Some of them are broken/buggy games that I don’t have interest to play. For some games I just don’t like them so I don’t have any reason to play them. (I have bought couple of game packs, example THQ pack.

    Rest of the games are indie games. (sales/packs/humble bundles) Many of these games could be really good, but I never get around playing, because I have so many other games.

    Currently I have total of 118 games on steam.

    (And can’t wait for the summer sales!)

  16. Talon

    I have more than 24 games that I have never played. I have them packed in filing cabinets in my office. Recognizing that I am running out of room and the fact that the prices tend to drop with the passage of time (with the exception of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare), I have greatly slowed the rate at which I purchase games.

    Why do I have so many games that I have never played? The answer is balance–I struggle to balance the different facets of my life: exercise, work, school (I’m working on a 2nd masters degree), wife, writing (working on a novel), reading, etc. Of course, the people in charge at work think that all of their employees are supposed to dedicate every ounce and energy, even their very souls, to the job until they shrivel up and the dried husks of their remains are discovered slumped at their desks—but I get ahead of myself. 🙂 I also get into periodic stints when I become deeply involved in a new hobby for a few years, the latest being classic movies from the 1940s and earlier.

    1. Talon

      BTW, I just recently finished Diablo II (using the Laz Median modification). That game has been sitting in my filing cabinet untouched for 8 years.

      1. That might make an interesting side poll. What the longest time between a game’s release and your finishing it?

        1. Talon

          Hmmm….I still have never gotten around to playing System Shock 2.

  17. I’m glad to say that I only own 5 games that I haven’t played. The only one for PC, Team Fortress 2 (as part of the orange box), I only don’t play because I’m not a fan of that kind of game. The other four, all for PS2, I haven’t played because I got my PS2 around when they first came out, so it doesn’t have the software to read dual-layered disks. Those four are God of War, God of War II, Guitar Hero 5, and Guitar Hero Metallica.

  18. Anon_261798

    I’ve tried most of them just didnt have time to finish it up mostly racing games

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