Poll Question 260 – Would you choose an amazing gaming PC or $1000 worth of games?

4th February 2012

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

So I was checking out a game on Steam and I noticed who had the game and one person I know has all the games on Steam.

Yes, I do mean all.

Some readers know him, but I won’t explicitly say who he his. He has a special Steam account that gives him every single game released.

I know somebody else that has something similar to this and his is a press account. They might be the same type of account, I don’t know.

I started wondering whether this is something I would like and I came to the conclusion I wouldn’t, although I wouldn’t refuse it either (just in case you are reading Gabe).

Having a new spanking, bitchin’, smoking (maybe that’s not the best adjective for a PC) or any other “insert adjective that impresses people” would be my choice. I have more games than I can play and would prefer to have a huge screen and smooth gaming, even if I only played a handful of games rather than all the games I want but with limited time and hardware to run them, on.

I am going to stick my neck out here and guess that most readers will choose the games because almost everybody I seem to know has a better PC than me.

So, which would you choose. And NO, you can’t have a combination of both, it’s one or the other. No exceptions.

Time to Vote!


  1. Michael


    I for one would choose the gaming machine. My bag of games now totals 1199, if you include expansions. I was astonished to read that someone probably has a bigger game collection.

    If you add in my 6TB of mods, it would probably take me 5 lifetimes to play everything at least once. Since quite a few of these mods are total conversions, in a sense I have many more games than the total above. I have come to realize that I am as much a collector as a player. It got so confusing to keep track of all of this that I programmed a very complete Game Collection Manager to help me.

    I only play (and collect) single-player games, but the types of games cover the gamut because I like to at least try every kind.

  2. I had to go with new gaming PC, but it would have to be one I built my myself.

    It would have to be capable of running at least three monitors side by side (preferably five so I can look around more), my current dual monitor set up is OK, but not that game friendly.

    As for a $1000 worth of games, I still have some from 10 years ago that I have not finished and the only game I want now is HL2/EP3.

    I’ve played some of the demo’s of the latest games and cannot think of one I would be prepared to spend money on, but if someone gave them to me I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t finish most of them. A case in point is when Valve were giving away Portal 1, I would, based on the experience of having a full version never have bought it.

  3. Hec

    Well I go for the amazing specialized gaming PC, that’s allways been my dream, and when I will afford to get one i’ll sure do it, there are some cool brands outthere, I think in the Toshiba Qosmio,or the Alienware brand from DELL, also the FSX gateway series, I ‘don’t know really, the only thing i’m certain is that when I have my money to get one of those, i’ll have one superb Gaming PC, I just can’t get it out of my mind, what’s the use in having 10,000 or more in Game titles, if u can not play it in the right performance?, I hope I can buy that little joy in the next 5 years!

    Oh and by the way i’ll buy a super gaming Lap, notg desktop, I preffer to save my money for it insead in loosing my money in a boring PS3/4 whatever, or a boring square X.BOX, I may can try Nintendo Wii, in some future but that’s unlikley… I just love pc gaming.

    *Hey by the way anyone can provide a specialized Gaming PC reviewing site??, I really would appreciate that.

  4. Derbler

    gaming pc. not prebuilt garbage though, it would have to be what bolx said, as in someone gives me a $1000 newegg gift card and I spend it all on pc parts.

  5. Pedro_the_Swift

    I just spent 2K on an upgrade (great timing Phillip :)) so I dont need the PC,, but would find it quite difficult to spend even half that amount on games I’d like,, there are a few older ones but then OS problems occur.

  6. AI

    I prefer to build my own, rather than the store stuff!! 😉 As far as games goes, no press pass for this old boy! I’ve collected games since 1984 when I got my first computer, an IBM PS/1 (a wopping 486/sx 25, 4 megs ram and a huge 129mb HD) I don’t buy games from Steam! 🙂

  7. I would prefer the games because I can always go back and play them, where as the gaming rig would probably become obsolete within 5 years. Plus like many gaming enthusiasts I prefer to build my own.

    That being said, if the gaming rig had a value greater than $1000, I might take it and sell it to buy more games. 😉

  8. I would take the $1000 in games, provided I didn’t have to spend it all at once, or only on Steam games. I don’t buy games often, mostly because I don’t have the cash to, but also because they’re often released on consoles I don’t own*, or because they don’t appeal to me.

    My computer on the other hand, despite having parts that are more than a year old, is still able to play some of the newest games that come out at the highest quality settings without a problem, so a new gaming rig wouldn’t be all that much of an improvement. If I were to build one though, provided that I pick the parts and build it myself, I could probably go without upgrading again after that for 5 years at least.

    *Given the choice (and the funds), I’d get a PS3, but only under the condition that it was a backwards compatible version. Or, barring that, be able to get digital versions of the games I already own without having to pay for them again. I thought it was pretty stupid of Sony to stop producing backwards compatible versions, especially given the fact that people would already have had to pay several hundred dollars for a system that didn’t have a wide selection of games off the bat.

  9. Kyo

    Well, assuming that we’re talking about a $1,000 PC or $1,000 in games, I guess I’d take the games as I’m not really in the market for a PC upgrade since I can run just about anything already.

  10. Noface/GeorgeC

    I voted new gaming PC. However, if you are clever enough, you could just sell the games you are less interested in and use the remaining money to buy better components/a new pc. xD

  11. Herr_Alien

    The computer.
    I don’t have the time to play approx. 20 games, but the computer can be used for more than just playing games.

  12. Yeah I need a better PC than gazillion new or old games. My old pc although still good enough still needs some more help on other games I have that are too demanding on better hardwares.

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