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Latest 25 Comments
12 Nov 2021 Case Closed A fun collection of levels with some interesting twists sprinkled in. Not too challenging and lac...
12 Nov 2021 Cthulhu Cthulhu is a mod I've attempted to play many times, but did not finish until recently. On a recen...
02 Oct 2021 Timeline 1 Timeline is a classic mod that I've somehow gone this long without playing. Visiting it for the f...
01 Oct 2021 Deliverance Some of the most unique but also some of the most frustrating design I've played through in a mod...
25 Sep 2021 Minerva Minerva takes the formula established in Someplace Else and improves upon it in basically every w...
25 Sep 2021 Someplace Else A very short but sweet map with some great combat encounters with the story being fed to you thro...
18 Sep 2021 Brave Brain A pretty fun map pack that suffers from some bugs and dull combat. I would've loved this as a...
10 Jul 2021 Point of View Much like Azure Sheep, Point of View is a classic mod that has many good ideas going for it. Howe...
10 Jul 2021 Uplinked A fun collection of maps that serve as a re-imagining of Half-Life's demo, Uplink, with the goal ...
04 Jul 2021 Half-Life: Echoes Echoes is a fantastic mod from start to finish. The fantastic set-pieces, combat arenas, and scri...
04 Jul 2021 Half-Life: Anti-Climax This map acts as an expansion to the non-canon ending of Half-Life, where you refuse G-Man's offe...
04 Jul 2021 TWHL Tower A fun collection of maps where each map has its own identity. Well worth the download.
04 Jul 2021 TWHL Tower 2 Much like the previous TWHL Tower, this is a fun collection of maps that range from intense comba...
01 Nov 2020 They Hunger A classic. Manages to be scary, action-packed, and hilarious all at once. I would say the quality...
01 Nov 2020 Azure Sheep This is probably the first mod I ever installed for Half-Life way back when, so it's definitely a...
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