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23 August 2018




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I love Half-Life SP mods!
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You can gauge a mapper's skill simply by looking at how well they made their ceilings.

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  1. Battlezone
  2. Left 4 Dead
  3. Wizardry 8
  4. Jagged Alliance 2
  5. Rome: Total War


  1. Gunman Chronicles
  2. Sweet Half-Life
  3. Quantum Leap
  4. Absolute Redemption
  5. Timeline trilogy

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  • Mapping: None
  • Modeling: Expert
  • Scripting: None
  • Texturing: A lot
  • Voice acting: None
  • Writing: Little
  • Sound: Little
  • Music: None

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I can model, texture, rig and animate for Half-Life Goldsrc.

Latest 25 Comments
26 Oct 2018 E7 Black Star Wow, I never knew that concerning the RGD5 grenades... I swear none of the grenades in S.T.A.L.K....
20 Oct 2018 Cenodrome: The Lost Sub-Basement of TWHL Tower I disagree with you in regards to that infamous booth... It's pretty much a necessity for breakin...
12 Oct 2018 Chronicles Episode One: Traumatic Experiences A short campaign that takes you through several maps of Black Mesa-themed storage areas, gunning ...
05 Oct 2018 E7 Black Star Here's what I understand about the story: the scientist you had to kill and whose data you had to...
05 Oct 2018 E7 Black Star This is a mod mainly focused on hallway combat against Gonomes and other Xen creatures, which end...
01 Oct 2018 Residual Life In this mod, there are a few hidden secret spots that need to be triggered in order to access...
01 Oct 2018 Residual Life After having completed 1.7's new maps, they've all confirmed what I've initially felt in my p...
28 Sep 2018 Residual Life As far as I know, that map requires lower gravity to make it across, which is what you're probabl...
23 Sep 2018 Beach Party A bite-sized recreation of the D-Day beach landings. This map basically plays on that very same p...
20 Sep 2018 Residual Life Thanks for the heads-up. I'll definitely try the updated version once I find some time.
16 Sep 2018 Residual Life This SP mod expands on the Black Mesa setting, and includes some new enemies along with a great d...
10 Sep 2018 Mission of Mercy Mission of Mercy aged pretty poorly after all these years. The plot is that you're working with t...
10 Sep 2018 TWHL Tower A fun map-pack but not without its flaws (if you lump them all together). I'll review each fl...
06 Sep 2018 Cenodrome: The Lost Sub-Basement of TWHL Tower Unquenque makes a great comeback with some clever level designs in this gladiatorial arena-themed...
31 Aug 2018 Half-Rats: Parasomnia Half-Rats is a full-fledged campaign mod that has a lot of care put into it, but it suffers from ...
24 Aug 2018 Half-Life: Echoes Maybe a little bit more than 2 hours, if you include the time spent watching the cutscenes and st...
23 Aug 2018 Half-Life: Echoes An additional note concerning who you play as the protagonist: I don't believe you play as
23 Aug 2018 Half-Life: Echoes Although a short experience for a project that supposedly took 5 years to complete, and a prepond...
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