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Kanji Sano

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  1. Minecraft
  2. Portal 1 & 2
  3. Cave Story
  4. Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time


  1. Minerva: Metastasis
  2. Uncertainty Principle

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12 Feb 2019 Third Party Now this is a mod that I can get behind! While it is pretty short, both the gameplay and story a...
11 Feb 2019 Episode One - Map Labs #2 Hmmm, that's strange. What system are you playing on (e.g. Windows)? I know I often experienced s...
11 Feb 2019 Episode One - Map Labs #2 This is the second challenge that the modders have released without Phillip and, after playing it...
11 Feb 2019 Episode One - Map Labs #2 Talking about , did you make sure you installed the mod correctly? I haven't had any problems whe...
06 Feb 2019 The Lambda Cup 2018 Winners Thanks for every person who had participated the challenges for this year and congrats to those w...
12 Sep 2018 Union While the mod itself is pretty short, I still loved almost everything about it. The gameplay, des...
21 Jul 2018 Sile I would have to agree with Phillip for this mod: While the combat wasn't all exciting, it was st...
16 Jul 2018 NostalgiaVille Although, there are only a few maps that I consider it good, it doesn't mean that you shouldn't p...
13 Jul 2018 AlphabetVille Here's my review: [recimage id=3] The concept used in this entry was pretty nice. While comb...
12 Jul 2018 CrossbowVille While this only contains 3 entries, I enjoyed all of them and wasn't expecting them to be not as ...
07 Jul 2018 ChasmVille While this may be a late review, I thought it was better to do it anyway and add it to the conver...
07 Jul 2018 Precursor This is personally one of my favorite mods that sets up a story in the Half-Life universe correct...
04 Jul 2018 Rabbit Hole I was having doubts about playing this mod, but after completing it, it wasn't all that bad! Rabb...
04 Jul 2018 Slums 2 Extended This is one of those maps that are visually appealing, but doesn't give out a unique gameplay sty...
01 Jul 2018 The Fun Box I thought the map itself was kind of simplistic. I was able to get all four buttons in a short ti...
01 Jul 2018 The Lambda Cup 2018 - Challenge 3 - BossVille Oooo, this is going to be an interesting ville!
29 Jun 2018 The Extreme Team Experiment This challenge wasn't very exciting as I could've expected. As soon as I loaded up the game, I wa...
19 Jun 2018 Introduce Yourself Just making sure I reply to PlanetPhillip, I actually did make something related to Half-Life. It...
19 Jun 2018 CoastVille Wow, coming back to this competition page and it looked as if time already had flew by! Anyway, t...
19 Jun 2018 Quiet Rehabilitation 2 I love the gameplay and level design that was put into this map. I had an enjoyable time not only...
14 Feb 2018 Mission Improbable Probably one of my favorite HL2 mods I've played so far! The graphics are beautiful, immense, and...
09 Feb 2018 Introduce Yourself Hi, my name is Kanji. I don't have too much to talk about, but I thought it was better to talk a ...
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