What’s Your Cheesiest Gaming Moment?

4th February 2007


I found this video of Batman and Robin and laughed at the chessiness. I couldn’t help but think about the cheesy moments in gaming.

I wanted to spend more time researching this post and also wanted to record some videos of the cheesiest moments but I know I don’t have enough timeso I decided to simply post the question:
“What are your favourite cheesy game moments?”.


If you want to use an image in your post simply email it to me and I will include it for you.

Definition of Cheesy

For non-native English readers “Cheesy” in this context means “inferior or cheap, of poor quality; shoddy”.


  1. The whole of SIN2 Episode 1 comes to mind…

  2. Matt Glanville

    The first Resident Evil game… Barry gives Jill the grenade rounds if I remember correctly.

    Jill “But Barry, what about you?”
    Barry (holding up his Magnum) “Don’t worry, I have THIS.”

    In fact the whole game is just one huge cheesefest.

  3. Jimbo

    Red Faction 2…near the beginning one of your squadmates radios you–

    “I’m outnumbered 10 to 1….situation under controlllll.”

  4. Just a little while ago playing the Deus Ex demo. “All I’ve got is a pistol & an electric prod.” What a friggin” cheeeeeesy line!

  5. Manual_Monaro

    Just a little while ago playing the Deus Ex demo. “All I’ve got is a pistol & an electric prod.” What a friggin” cheeeeeesy line!

    That’s JC complaining about his lack of weapons. While he “doesn’t mind a test”, he prefers that he’d be issued some more hardware. (Hence Paul issuing him either a Rifle, GEP gun or mini-crossbow.) It’s not meant by “I only have this l’il fella here, but in one hour this island will be a graveyard” type of thing.

    Nevertheless, that’s just my perception of it.

    Deus Ex does have a few cheesy things, though, like when MJ12 troops go “Omigod” (The subtitles, for those that haven’t played it, actually read “Omigod.”) or “watch it, this one’s some kinda mech.” The NSF terrorists also go “Fascist” when they see you sometimes, and the whole Hong Kong section has sterotypes, cliches and various cheesy things. (Like many of the accents… not just Asian, but those two Aussie girls. They’re horrible accents, and they somewhat offend me, aswell, being Aussie myself.)

    Still, Deus Ex is a brilliant game and the good stuff outweighs the bad stuff by a loooooong shot.

  6. Clash Of Honour (RPG Maker XP game, don’t bother googling it) has an intro which is basically the most cake-like combination of cheesy bullshit ever proceived.

    The intro starts off good. Small army attacks some ruffian thief-like men, whom retreat to the forest and start shooting arrows. Army retreats to catapults and fires at the forest. Mysterious being appears. Douses the flames. Main guy goes WTF. Army gets single-handedly killed. King appears out of nowhere (without armor, in a battlefield..). Sacrifices self to protect son. Dies screaming “Avenge me!”. Son dies fighting. Man on the right in the middle of outer space claims that all did not go according to plan.

    The son even yelled the quintessential cheesy “NOOOOOOO!”. It was embarassing to play.

    I remember a part in Resident Evil that had (Barry?) giving lockpicks to Jill saying “Here, this lockpick is for you, the queen of lockpicking” or something to that nature. Resident Evil was just basically a huge line of bad voice acting and whatever RE game had live-action sequences in it.

  7. It’s not meant by “I only have this l’il fella here, but in one hour this island will be a graveyard” type of thing.

    Nevertheless, that’s just my perception of it.

    Well, duh!! 🙂 It’s still one of the cheesiest lines I’ve heard in a game (although there have been some mods/maps of Half Life where the developer has put some cheesy lines in for the scientists too). Now I really want to play Deus Ex (nevermind the fact that I don’t have the game & am now thoroughly depressed & jealous as hell that Phillip has a new card & I don’t!).

  8. zeroth404

    first of all, Red Faction 2 was a huge injustice to the original.

    Resident Evil 1 was indeed cheesy throughout most of the dialog.

    This isn’t a game, its a movie, but I can’t help but mention it: Hell Raiser 3 was a good movie…but about half-way through, the budget seemed to crash through the floor — it all started when a police officer screamed “shit! gasoline!”

    Prey’s main character+story was pretty cheesy…

    but for the absolute cheesiest thing of any game, I’d say Alyx’s wont-shut-the-hell-up over-dramatic and inappropriate feminine dialog at the beginning of half-life2 ep1 takes the cake. in fact, in my humble opinion, Alyx ruins Half-Life for me completely.


  9. Darth Marsden

    Any game where the hero falls in love with the woman he’s trying to protect. (Does fingers-down-throat gesture)

    Also, most games where the hero is supposedly a tough guy and says random “quips’, which are never, EVER funny. Far Cry is the latest one I’ve noticed, but there are plenty of others.
    Exceptions to this are games where the whole game is silly – Duke 3D, Blood, etc. They’re few and far between though, sadly.

  10. Darth Marsden

    Also, and this is very sad of me, but the video clip you mention is taken from the beginning of Batman: The Movie, which I happen to own on DVD. It’s an extension of the equally cheesy 60’s TV series, and is intentionally silly. The whole movie is just like this, and it’s impossible to watch the whole thing in one sitting – I’ve yet to manage it.

    I feel such a nerd…

  11. Jimbo

    “I feel such a nerd…”

    I own it too, man.

    Anyways, you can’t forget the grunts in HL:Opfor.

    *totally quiet*


    “If we make it outta here alive I’ll buy you all a round a beers…aww hell I’ll buy the whole damn bar!”

  12. Ah yes. The grunts.

    “All I know is that he’s been killing my buddies! *emo tear*”

    “Oh, he’ll pay. He will pay”

    Alas, nothing could stop the Gordmeister.

  13. Darth Marsden

    “I own it too, man.”

    I’m not alone! There is a God! :p

    Another cheesy moment – the end boss is the gal/guy you’ve been chasing all throughout the game – only s/he’s been mutated into some horrible creature! Just like every other video game out there! Yeah! (I’m still looking at you, Far Cry)

  14. I’m sure I’ll get berated for this, but personally, I thought Nihilanth was a bit cheesy at the end of Half Life. Granted the bugger was hard to kill, but I remember thinking after I’d made it so far & here is just this huge looking big baby wearing a diaper or something.

  15. I thought Nihilanth was a bit cheesy at the end of Half Life.

    Agreed, it almost spoilt it for me!

  16. Max

    Probably in Hitman 2/3 when the NPC’s start to get suspicious and they go “Hmmm….” I do it to my brother sometimes since he was such a huge fan of the game.

    Another cheesy line has to be from Jedi Knight III: Jedi Academy, when Kyle says anything…

  17. Nihilanth was made so you had to lose the game.He is beatable but not for a regular player.I have tried to beat him hundreds of times and have only won once.It was a stupid thing to put as a finaly,plus it wasn’t even good graphics.

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