Vote for the October 2022 Classic of the Month!

6th October 2022

Update: there was a dead tie! Vote now in the run-off between Cry of Fear and Hazardous Course 2!

Poll only runs for 24 hours!

Vote in the Run-off for October Classic of the Month!

Total Voters: 22

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So it’s October already! This month I decided to put the next Classic of the Month to a vote. This time, you get to pick from a big list of mods that are all on the list for future streams, including a spooky choice!

Poll closes in just a few days on October 5th, so hurry up and get your vote in!

Pick your TOP TWO choices for the October Classic of the Month!

Total Voters: 24

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1 Comment

  1. Plenty of good choices! Having a preference for BM-styled, vanilla mods, I was especially torn between voting for HC2, Timeline 2 and Field Intensity. I feel like Field Intensity might be the best choice – unlike Timeline 2, its mapping style is very detailed and modern and it’s also nowhere as frustrating as HC2. Besides, it’s a pretty recent release so it deserves all the attention it can get.

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