Voice Actors Needed for G-String

27th November 2014

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

MyoHyo, the author of the amazing G-String mod, is looking for voice actors to help with the update.

If you have never heard of this mod, it’s a total conversion that takes you to a dystopian future. It’s an incredible piece of work and deserves a wider audience. Released in 2011, many people found it difficult to play and MyoHyo decided to update it.

She is looking for voice actors, but would like older people to apply. There are a few parts available, listed below, and I would very much like the PP community to help her.

This is the perfect chance for you to try something new. All you need is a fairly good quality mic and a quiet, echo-less area, plus the ability to express yourself just with your voice.

Even if you have never done voice acting before, don’t let that stop you trying it.

She will need someone who can do quite a few announcements for the floating advertisement boats. “Relocate to space, you can marry your robot companion now”, etc, that type of thing. Like a happy go lucky sales person.

Then there is

Joseph Bortz the old scientist with eastern European accent,

The Admiral of the NATO star-fleet, with a scary voice of sorts id imagine, Vader-ish,

Then there is Ted Murdock the obese rich air tycoon, the wealthiest man alive, kind of a jabba-esque voice for him,

Then there may be someone needed to voice a spaceship pilot but I she is not sure about this yet.

So these are kind of bigger roles (5 to 10 lines) and there are a few one liner parts also for people who have less time…

If you are interested, please email me and I will pass on your details.

I’m already in the mod as a kind of Father Grigori prophet.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask and I’ll reply ASAP or get an answer from MyoHyo quickly too.


  1. I can help with the Bortz part 😛
    (I’m from Eastern Europe and have a pretty distinct accent when speaking in English)

  2. Passeriformes

    Are there any sample lines that can be provided? I’d like to give this a try before I get in touch; see how well it can work for me from the get go.

    1. Sorry, no lines. I imagine the author doesn’t want to publish the lines so as to not spoil the story.

      MyoHyo tells me that “But right now it looks like the only major character that still needs a voice is the obese Ted Murdock. He needs a Booming jabba-like intimidating slow voice”

      Do you think you could do him? Perhaps try recording a few Jabba lines and take it from there.

      But there are smaller parts still available.

      If I were you I would just allow me to send her your details and see what she has available.

  3. So, here is an update from MyoHyo:

    “have just finished a massive overhaul of the textures and now I am moving into polishing the sound files- which includes dialogs of course- so over the course of this coming week I hope to finalize the sound situation.

    But right now it looks like the only major character that still needs a voice is the obese Ted Murdock. He needs a Booming jabba-like intimidating slow voice…Also I need some female voices… I have no female voice actors so far whatsoever and there is a lot of announcements and maybe even a bigger part that needs female voice.

    I am polishing the story too so newer lines and smaller parts may become available. Like I need a captain that works for the Colonies, to put a face on them. It will be hard to fight alongside them if you have never met any of them face to face.

    So there are still parts available if anybody is still interested.

    1. Suzette

      I am an older female that loves your G-string mod, and would be happy to help out with voices. I can do all kinds of different speaking parts. I don’t have any special sound equipment though. Let me know if I can help.

      1. Hi Suzette,

        I have passed on your email to the author and she will be in touch.

        1. Suzette

          I got her email and will start working later today. Yay!

    2. Dr. Vivid

      Hello Phillip. If there are still parts available at this time, I am interested. I am a male, and I have a wide variety of voices. This is one of my favorite mods, so I would love to help.

      Thanks, Dr. Vivid.

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