Three Game Designers

4th November 2006


I present three people who I believe would have made excellent game and/or levels designers. I’ve tried to briefly explain why and hopefully you agree.

Leonardo Di Vinci

Leonardo Di Vinci was a genius. Accomplished in many, many arts, he was a man before his time. He would have certainly seen the potential of game design and game engines and probably created something we could barely grasp.

Salvador Dali

The next person I would have loved to have seen make a game, or in fact anything digital, is Dali. Maybe some of my readers don’t know who he is but a quick Google Image Search might make things clearer.

If there was ever a man who saw things differently it was him. How much fun his games would have been I don’t know but they would certainly have been interesting!

Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock was a film maker who really knew how to control the emtions of his audience. One of my all time favourite films is Rear Window and I heartily recommend you rent it if you can.

Most of his movies were suspense or thrillers and I have little doubt he would have excelled at this type of game making. Come to think of it are there any FPS games that are thrillers in the movie sense. Yes, we have Doom 3, F.E.A.R. and other Horror games but nothing that is a thriller. Anyway, I just feel it in my bones that he would have crafted a game that would have had me on the edge of my seat, without scaring the pants off me.


I did consider Mozart but felt that because he wasn’t really involved in anything visual his input would have been limited to the music. However, that in itself would have been fascinating. I also considered Picasso and Pollock but eventually chose the three above.

Your Turn

Who would you have liked to see make games or levels? Don’t foget to write s short piece explaining why!


  1. kluntje

    nice like to see a map by mc esher

  2. nice like to see a map by mc esher

    Nice thought. He would probably build one level that we would spend the rest of of lives playing and not realise that it’s the same level!

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