The City 17 Times

28th July 2010

The City 17 Times is a weekly newspaper produced for the citizens of City 17. It is written from the perspective of real people from within the game. The style will be a serious local newspaper, with a hint of “over-the-topness” and a touch of clich√©, so don’t believe everything you read!

The idea has been shamelessly stolen from the First Person Observer, a site ” dedicated to providing you with non-stop, around-the-clock coverage of breaking news from inside the games you play and love.”

First Person Observer was created by Christopher Livingston, he of Concerned: The Half-Life and Death of Gordon Frohman and First Person Shouter.

The articles have their own category, so finding back issues is easy.

I will try and post one story per week, usually around Wednesday. If you have story ideas please email me.


  1. ModPlay

    Eh, maybe like a story about some old woman waiting in the train station for her husband for twenty years. It makes sense. Turned out to be famous. Kinda reminds me of that dog film, Always By Your Side was it?

  2. This looks fun.. Can we make up stories and diatribes about City 17 or there abouts?

    1. Can we make up stories and diatribes about City 17 or there abouts?

      Firstly, no story in the City 17 Times, is ever made up and to suggest otherwise is slander and we will fight you in court! In addition, only accredited journalist are allowed to write for this esteemed periodical.

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