15th April 2009

Here’s the skinny:
“A SteamCard is a simple way to display your stats from the Steam Community, just like a Live! Gamercard.

Unlike other gamercards that show statistics from Steam, our SteamCards ARE “live”. Live is in quotes, as your stats will automatically update every 6 hours to our cache, so as not to put a lot of stress on the server updating them as they are called.

SteamCards are just PNG images, which means you can embed them into forums, signatures etc. Different styles of SteamCard are avaliable so you can stand out from the crowd.”

Now, I know that lots of readers won’t be interested in this but I thought it deserved attention. It’s a nice little idea with great implimentation.

It would be kinda cool if they could be automatically inserted as signature for PP comments but that’s just a dream. And of course not everybody would want theirs displayed.

Here is my SteamCard I made yesterday:
Finishing Half-Life is just the Beginning!  Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

My only gripe? The only way I could find to contact the creator (to say “Well Done!”) is to register on the forum and send a PM. Regualr readers will know that I HATE restricting access to anything, which is why nobody has to register on the site or the forum here on PP

Bursting to get your own?
Go here:

And remember: Tell ’em Phil sent ya!


  1. That is what I was curious about yesterday. I saw this card on your last mod release and thought it was cool. Now that I know what it is I think I’m gonna use it. Thanks.

  2. MrTwoVideoCards

    I think that Steamcard has been around for a Year now.

  3. Cookielord.

    Yeah, I just got a empty page when I connect.

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