RunThinkShootLiveVille 2 – Map Labs #3 Mapping Challenge Announcement

8th March 2019

Hey, you didn’t really think we’d never have another Ville challenge, right? Geez Louise!

Chris & Toki (the Map Labs folks) have really stepped up, filling the void that RTSL left once we started to wind things down late last year. This is the third “full” Map Labs Challenge – though they’ve run a couple of Test Tube (smaller) challenges in the vein of the Experimental Mapping Challenges here. Most of them are available right here on RTSL, and all are on the Map Labs ModDB page.

I’m happy to partner up with Map Labs for this challenge. May they keep the cool Half-Life challenges going! Perhaps there will be more crossovers like this in the distant future…

The Map Labs Discord just opened up for business. Head there to keep up with Map Labs, find out about new challenges, and maybe volunteer as a beta tester!

Theme Details

Just like in the original RunThinkShootLiveVille, mappers must create a map linking 4 distinct sections:

Section 1: RUN
Section 2: THINK
Section 3: SHOOT
Section 4: LIVE

They’re pretty self-explanatory, but we’ll let the official announcement fill in the details (click for full version):

RunThinkShootLiveVille2 Announcement

Note the optional Bonus Challenges, just to add some spice to the maps.


The deadline for submission was Monday 8th April 2019


Map Labs typically doesn’t have prizes for the challenges, other than special roles on the Discord server for placing in the top 3. But I happened to have a spare copy of Raising the Bar in decent shape kicking around, so I’m offering it up to the winner.

Raising the Bar

Submission Details

Note that the maps are NOT submitted to RTSL for this challenge. Instead, use the Submission Form.

The Usual Advice

Don’t get overly ambitious. Controlling your map’s scope is key! If you can’t build it in a few weekends then think smaller.

Something is bound to delay your progress. Leave time for testing, bug fixing, and polishing!

We highly recommend getting your map alpha and beta tested by somebody you trust. Do this early in development if you can.

Good luck, and remember: Finishing Half-Life is just the beginning!


  1. AI

    Where did you get a copy of “Raising The Bar”??? It hasn’t been released yet!

    1. It was released in 2004..?

        1. Unq

          No, it’s the book Raising the Bar, as shown in the picture. As Dean said this was released soon after HL2 but is has been out of print for a long time.

    2. Anon_1771043

      Thank you runthinkshootlive

  2. Oh dammit…. I really wanna participate but I can already tell I won’t get anything done that fits the theme… I’ll probably try anyways.

  3. Maplab is basically the new Ville?

    I’m down with that.

  4. Can’t wait to play this one. # 1 had some great entries.

  5. I’m seriously thinking of submitting an entry, though it’s highly unlikely, since I don’t have the time or the experience to create something worthwhile. Maybe it’s for the best, since the entries in the first one were all really enjoyable. I’m really hyped for this one!

  6. Mihail Ica

    So when will this be released?

    1. Anon_1779758

      Beginning to wonder that myself…it was over and done days ago….

    2. They said on twitter that it will be released next week.

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