Poor Kasperg

for Half-Life

15th May 2006

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3

An entry for the TWHL Competiton: Destructification!

Authors Note

“Here is my entry to competition 20. Its in mini format so just extract it to your root HL directory. The splash screen is set up for WONHL only and is not compatible with Steam. Special thanks to Muzz for helping me with a leak.”

Basic Details
  • Title: Poor Kasperg
  • File Name: hl1-sp-poor-kasperg.7z
  • Original File Name: poor-kasperg-comp-20-twhl.zip
  • Size : 1.35Mb
  • Author: The Hunter
  • Date Released: 13 May 2006
  • Link: TWHL Thread
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  1. shawn schirmer

    Seems unplayable. Early on a rock falls from a ceiling, the screen fades to black for five seconds, the lights come back up, and your keyboard no longer functions.

  2. I downloaded it and it works after the rock fall.It has some big issue’s but does play.Just dont go to the same spot again.I went to the elevator opening and as he talks to ya the rock falls etc.

  3. since it’s from TWHL it’s another kind of compo map where the author simulate a destroy of a map made by kasberg so that it’s pretty short

  4. Maybe?

    Another entry for the TWHL competition “Destructification!”.
    It’s about what a map could look like after there happened a disaster, a destruction of the complex or an earthquake.
    It’s of course the same map layout as in all contributions for the contest.
    But things are different, meaning the details.
    As for this entry there the floor is filled with several stuff like parts of the ceiling or a dead guard.
    It really looks like total chaos.
    The atmosphere is cool, a nonstop playing siren, firefights and sudden explosions make it feel as when really something bad happened here.
    Even the screen is tilting due to explosions – great!

    However, it’s “only” a competition map, no gameplay or such thing, just watching.
    Therefore very short, but still, worth taking a look as it’s neat design. Well done!

    Note: The falling rock is supposed to kill Barney, and then it’s over.

  5. Hec
    Avoid It!

    Well, I have to state clear first, that I understand this map was for a esthetic competition. By that is maybe the reason because we don’t have combat action or anything like that. but as with the “falling liquid” map, it happens that are really immersive maps where you as a gamer, NOT DESIGNER, you expect some more, some action a thing to do or something…, I mean at least in falling liquid map we have some Easter eggs to discover, but here nothing at all..

    That’s why I found this map pretty dull, the whole environment of disaster is OK, but that’s why I thing the whole thing is so wasted… Besides I got a lot of stuttering in the screen and smash barney with a part of the celling is something I just didn’t understand…

    Overall I didn’t like this map, sure Kasperg is one of the best mappers in the community but this is not his best work.

    1. Kasperg

      This map entry was made by The Hunter (James Archibald), not me.

      I did provide the base map that players had to “destroy”.
      SlayerA’s entry, “Orb” was probably the best of the lot and that’s why it won.

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