Poll Question 278 – Which season do you do most of your gaming?

9th June 2012

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Even though I’m not a student I get a lot of free time in the summer. I suppose I spend more time gaming in the summer than in the winter.

I actually prefer playing in the winter, I’ve said this before, but I feel less guilty staying inside when it’s raining than when it’s sunny.

What about you?

Then there is the idea that our emotions change during the seasons and we approach games, books, art etc in different ways at different times of the year.

I have to admit that during the winter I might be more inclined to take my time and explore than in the summer. Is it as simple as wanting to finish a mod so I can get outside and run to the top of a mountain?

Do you notice a difference in your approach to games at various times of the year?

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  1. Alex

    Before college I used to game all year round, however A-Levels in the UK can be quite demanding ,especially at the college I have just graduated from. Luckily Uni doesn’t seem as demanding for me, and I aim to spend more time on games all year round form now on, since I havent played a single game properly since October!

  2. Kyo

    Certainly back in school, summer was the time of the year for gaming and modding. But since then, I’m hard-pressed to say one season is more prosperous for gaming than another.

  3. Senator33

    Our South Florida summers are brutally hot and humid, which firmly plants us inside – after a dip in the pool.

    Perfect time for gaming!

  4. For me what time of year it is doesnt matter. I play year round, pretty much the same. Interesting poll though.

  5. for the last year and a half I am a graduate student and have had no time for nothing other than school. I have about 3 new mods that I have downloaded and hope to play them sometime.
    This summer I am taking one class and doing my 400hr internship. My weeks are as follows. Friday – Monday at internship 9-10 hr days, Tuesday and Thursday class at 5:50 a 3hr and 15min long class by the way, Wednesdays is the only day I have no obligations and get caught up with housework and have to take notes as we have quizes every day.
    half life, well I think I have no life, poor me.

  6. Herr_Alien

    During the rest of the time I usually do chores outside the house as long as the weather is ok.

  7. Naturally winter.
    Because it gets dark early in the afternoon and it can be harsh here in Germany. Meaning snow, ice, temperatures about -20°C are possible (just as last winter brrrrrrrr!).
    So that’s enough reasons to stay inside and do some gaming, Christmas to New Year time is also good as most of the people have holidays and everyone has more time just to chill or do a quick DM 😛

    Summer is the right opposite, usually, it can be very hot (30°C+) and dry here and so you should go outside, but yeah I’m a gamer lol
    My skin never gets more darker than HL’s orange 😉

  8. agent00kevin


    I work outside, doing Construction Testing and Inspections. While we dont shut down for the winter, we work much less than during the summer months. I do like to spend my weekends gaming when we arent taking the kids camping or to the park etc. Even at 32, I find myself up at 3am sometimes in a gaming spree. If it werent for the family, Id probably still be pulling all nighters like I used to.

    I get a fair amount of time in during the rainy part of spring and fall too though.

    The main factor getting in the way of my gaming is my Modding though!

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