Poll Question 253 – Do you replay mods to get alternative endings?

9th December 2011

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

The winning entry for HalloweenVille had an alternative ending.

I kept meaning to go back and replay it, but never did.

I realized that unless the part where the divergence is made very clear, as in The Citizen 2, then I never go back and play it.

To be honest, the end isn’t that important to me. Well, of course it is important, but if the story has been told well and I have enjoyed playing the mod, I am cool with getting the regular ending.

It’s almost as if the player needs to play every single element of a mod. Do they introduce themselves to everybody in a bar when the enter? I think going back and replaying kind of spoils the effect.

Just as in life, your actions have consequences and those are what you get. We can’t do it in life and that makes it more interesting. just because you can do it in mod, doesn’t mean you should.

I would like to see a mod with 20 different endings but the way they are reached are so small and subtle that it would be almost impossible for a player to find out what caused the difference. Nothing as obvious as shooting a citizen or not, but more whether you were moving along a corridor and entered door 2 before door 1.

Anyway, back to the question. Do you replay mods to get alternative endings?

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  1. AI

    I voted “sometimes” I like to replay the games/mods I have collected, because sometimes the actions you take at the begining does change how the game ends! Two I enjoy in which this happens are “Bioshock and Singularity”. 😉

  2. I’d like to make a list of mods with alternative endings, so please add the name of any mod, not game, that has more than one ending, thanks.

    1. AI

      Sorry 🙁 My mistake, I’m getting “old” ya know!!

  3. s.anchev

    -the citizen 2.
    -a red letter day gone wrong.
    -the Stanley parable.
    -Strider Mountain.
    -nightmare House 2. (More an easter egg).
    -Afraid of monsters DC.

    1. s.anchev

      -Half-Quake Amen (20 diffrent endings ^^).
      -Timeline 3 : heart of darkness (“true” ending + “historical death” endingS).

      1. s.anchev

        -Half-Life : Prize (2 endings).
        -Sweet Half-Life (same ending but 2 very diffrent ways to got it).

  4. Unq

    Yeah nearly all the time I’ll play a mod/game to get different endings.

    The two HL mods I can think of: Sweet Half-Life and Deliverance.

  5. Derbler

    Stanley Parable.

  6. I voted yes sometimes. It depends on the mod and the ease of actually finishing it. For example, in Missing Person I couldn’t figure out what to do once I had got the cross, and I didn’t care enough to spend more than about 5 minutes trying to find out, whereas in The Stanley Parable, the objective of the game is to get all 6 endings and so I went back and replayed it to get them all. Afraid of Monsters: Directors Cut had four different endings which all depended on which route the player took, but I enjoyed the game so much that I actually went back and finished it four times, with each different ending.

  7. Hec

    Yes sometimes, and the halloween entry Phillip talks about is not the only case for altern endings, please check Afraid of Monsters Director’s Cut with 4 endings available!!!, definitely AoM DC is the king of altern endings, I haven’t play them all but I sure will do it soon.

    Oh and The citizen 2 all the endings are a delight by the way, I want the 3rd deliver!!

  8. Yes, but only if the modification does not suck. As you know, the crap mod can not be replay value.
    Replay mod with a bad design and a awful scripting there is no desire, even for the sake of the other endings.

  9. bkadar

    this could be a fun livestream starting at the point the mod path branches and why , to get to the ends.

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