Poll Question 170 – What kind of pet would Freeman have?

30th April 2010

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As with all my “What would Freeman…”, the question relates to BEFORE the Black Mesa incident.

Let’s see if we can get a sort of consensus of his character.

To be honest, I’m not sure what kind of pet, if any, if would have. I suppose the idea of a dog by his side and him walking in the woods is appealing to me, but at the same time he might not have had a pet at all.

What do you think?

The Poll


  1. LoneWolf65

    I voted he wouldn’t have a pet because he’s a “way too busy man” to be able to take care of any kind of pet!

    I have been following his adventures since the beginning and if it was me involved,I would be more than grateful to live alone and relax between missions…LoL!!!

    1. RaZe

      Freeman would have Gravity Cat !!! xD

  2. volcane

    Hi Philip – sorry to sound pendantic but just noticed that the sentence text in the graphic above has a typo: “What kind of pet would Freeman listen have?” 😉

    In answer to the question, I don’t think Freeman would have a pet. As a scientist, I suspect that he’d have long irregular working hours in the lab, making looking after a pet difficult.

    1. LoneWolf65

      Ooops I slipped here! Agree with your reply 100% if I think of before the black mesa incident.

      I must be getting old…Have a nice day!

    2. No need to apologize and it’s not pedantic at all. In fact, I appreciate it. I’ve fixed it now, thanks.

      I suspect you are right about the irregular hours etc.

  3. He is a dog person, because I am 🙂

  4. AI

    A pet “Headcrab” debeaked ofcourse! I voted “other”

  5. The answer’s obvious!
    A Pussy Wussy cat. Just like me.

  6. He would have a plant that would effectively fill the role of “pet”

    I mean, heck, if a FISH can be considered a pet, then so can a houseplant. He might even have a Venus Flytrap of some sort, but there’s just no way he would have the time to give the attention that a dog or bird really needs. A cat or fish is feasible, but for some reason I’m thinking that the vet checkups and general expenses would turn him off of that path. The same might be true for something exotic.

    But a plant sounds right up his alley.

      1. I thought you said this was before the resonance cascade?

  7. Bolx

    As an adult I just can’t see Gordon having a pet; however as a child I think it’s highly probable he did have a pet.

    If you think about it, his family could afford for him to go to MIT so they were probably reasonably well off Americans, as such most likely upper middle class. Now better off Americans like to think they have an affinity with the outdoors so a dog would have been the most logical choice for their young son. This leads on to what kind of dog they might have chosen.

    The Half-Life games don’t show Gordon as having a sense of humour, so it’s likely he was a serious natured child (a swot). I’m sure his parents thought he was a genius but also thought he needed to lighten up a little, so the ideal dog would have been an English Springer Spaniel.


    By experience these dogs are complete NUTTERS, ask them to sniff out a bomb and they think it’s a game, even better take them onto a rough shoot, they think pheasants are more fun than a squeaky toy. If Gordon’s parents wanted to get him a pet, a Springer Spaniel is the only one that would have brought a smile to his oh too serious face.

    1. Gradius

      Haha. I can vouch on English Springer Spaniels being nutters. Sadly mine probably won’t be along too much longer 🙁

      1. Bolx

        Hi Gradius

        Sorry to hear about your dog. When the day comes, remember all the dumb ass things it did that made you laugh. English Springer Spaniels seem to thrive on making their owners happy so respect the dogs nature.

  8. Zekiran

    I’m gonna agree with Bolx, in that I think growing up he probably had pets in the household but not necessarily one of “his own” that he would want to take with him to college or beyond. I don’t know much about individual dog breeds, I’m more a cat person myself so I’d say some kind of hound, lab, perhaps even an Akita- but not a small yappy dog.

    I would wonder, then, given the Houndeye creatures that invaded Black Mesa… What would he have thought, upon having to shoot them?

  9. ThePeanutBaron

    He would have a falcon that swoops down and picks off head-crabs. Why you the the sleeves on his hev suit are so think; so the falcon doesn’t scratch his arms.

    1. ThePeanutBaron

      think *thick

  10. Pyro

    Antlions! Duuuuuh.

  11. jgoodroad

    well a cat makes sense, since they are fairly independant if a person works long hours, and are often the animal of choice for engineers, scientists, and anyone else who has irregular hours. since they do not need as much attention.

    plus, apparently they make ok test subject as Barney has taught us…

    1. LoneWolf65

      Alyx is still thinking about that cat Barney mentioned…HA!

  12. JDamien

    I can think of only two things — both of which are unfortunately after the Resonance Cascade:

    “That Cat” — Essentially, he doesn’t have a pet of his own. He takes care of Kleiner’s cat, as Kleiner is often more busy and somewhat absent-minded…ish.


    A tame Houndeye. Those things just make me think of dogs… And of how with some effort you could calm them down and make it into a pet. Though with no heads, they would be hard to put a collar on. Black Mesa could figure something out.

  13. Berrie

    Gordon would obviously own a DOG.

    (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)

  14. I he weren’t in such a modern suit, I could definitely imagine him going wandering with a falcon!!


  15. Anon_220823

    I think most people understood this wrong. its not “what is the coolest pet gordon would have?” but what pe he would actually have (if any).

    I think he would have a fish. He is a buzzy man and doesn’t have much time. But he hates being alone so he bought himself a goldfish.

  16. Cyo

    Actually, since Gordon seems to be rather fit for a scientist, I would suspect he would have a dog.

    Many professors often run marathons, or at least do long distance training, and dogs are built for such activities, making it a wonderful companion to train with.

    Just my two cents.

  17. a 135lb Black Brindle Saffordshire Terrier…a PIT BULL..lol.. and a fat sac of chronic..

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