Poll Question 112 – Do you want to play as Father Grigori?

22nd February 2009

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

He seems such an interesting character, that it seems a shame he hasn’t been used by mod makers or Valve. It would make a perfect expansion, what happened before and after Gordon Freeman arrived.

He could wander around shouting his scripts, in the same way that UT used to.
There must be plenty of possibilities with him, the story and some fun weapons he collects on his travels.

The Poll


  1. Sortie

    Not really. He’s an interesting character, that’d be fun to see a little more of. But I can’t stand any more Ravenholm, I’ve played way too much of that for my taste (including mods). I’m not even sure if his insane personallity can handle more than the few maps in HL2 without getting boring or annoying.

    As for mods that revive other characters like this, try and create your own characters instead of reusing the same as HL2.

  2. MikeS

    I’m 50/50. Playing as Father Grigori could be a welcome change, but If it was set in Ravenholm… I’m kinda tired of zombies..

  3. john

    A mod or two playing as him would be great, maybe with a good vs evil theme.

  4. galocza

    what can be possibly better than citing the book and exact justice with a shotgun on those that sinned (or were stupid enough to headmate a headcrab 8)?

  5. Kyouryuu

    Only if I can engage other characters with my crazy accent! X)

  6. R26

    Yes, if I can build my own traps and have a taunt button.

  7. dougjp

    Great idea, not as a steady diet though, and as others have said, not in Ravenholm. There are not nearly enough maps with interesting and different characters and/or a comic twist. Anyone remember Dayhard from 2006? I STILL do, as it was so unique and funny in spots, despite its design textures problems.

  8. Ed "Oscuro" Herdman

    taunt key spam

    I voted yes, though 8)

  9. Sergio

    I would like to play as Father Grigori’s partner.
    It would be much more interesting I think.

  10. Bolx

    Hmm…. An interesting question !!

    Set in Ravenholm as some have become bored with, then I would have to vote no. But what if someone (like Neil Manke) wrote the story of how Ravenholm and it’s mild mannered preacher descended into the town we love to hate. I am not a fan of the horror genre, but ‘they Hunger” was a classic mod/total conversion for HL1.

    How about if the story starts as Father Grigori is taking up his new position in the sleepy town of Ravenholm after retiring from his position as a Chaplin to a military engineering regiment. Around 20yrs ago I met someone similar at Bisley in the UK, he could score well in the British armies course of fire ‘service Pistol” with a bog standard Browning 9mm and repaired his own cars. So someone that has a knowledge of guns and enough engineering to improvise complex traps is possible even in reality for a member of the clergy.

    At the start of the mod an exploration of Ravenholm and the locations that could later be revisited after the infestation would make the player feel as though it was a place they knew. Some NPC’s greeting their new Vicar/Priest who possibly might become squad members later reminding him of possible escape routes.

    The more I think about it the more ideas I’m coming up with for such a mod, so for now I’ll shut up.

  11. Gypsy Jim

    I’m not bothered about playing as Grigori particularly, but am definitely with Sergio, to play alongside him was fun in the original, and in the odd few mods he’s turned up in. More of those wouldn’t go amiss.

    As for Ravenholm itself, I’m not at all bored with it, and would love to see more……or at least more similar “ghost town” settings.

    The “Back story” suggested by Bolx would be a winner as far as I can see…..Go for it!

  12. Mel

    Its one thing wondering around in a silly suit like Freeman compared with wondering around has a religious nut case like Grigori. The sequence in the originally HL2 game was just about right and that satisfied any life long want for both him and Ravenholm. I have however just completed the mod Ravenholm by Lord, this does not feature Grigori and whilst in many ways this is an outstanding mod, it does illustrate the limited gameplay when confined to just a single concept that is Revenholm, mainly bashing zombies.

    1. I should have been clearer in my piece. I hate Ravenholm and the thought of running around there as Father Grigori just killing zombies is as my podcast persona would say, BOOOORING!

      I just thought that using him as a playing character may prove fun. I would prefer to see him escape Ravenholm, soon after Freeman’s departure and follow his adventures to pastures new.

  13. Bolx

    Thanks Gypsy Jim, unfortunately I’m not a modder but if someone wants me to expand my idea, I’d be happy to give it a go.

  14. dougjp

    Now that I think more on it, I’d prefer to play as Father Gregori’s side kick in a non-Ravelholm “normal” world. I think a true comedy could be made around that concept.

  15. I said no.I would thou like him as a sidekick like he was in ravenholm for parts.I enjoyed ravenholm myself.Musta been the spooky atmosphere I enjoy.

  16. mastercman333

    I just got through replaying ravenholm and while I was playing I thought that it would be really cool to have a mod that happens right when ravenholm was first attacked. Playing as Father Grigori would be ideal for this mod. Of course I have no modding experience whatsoever so I will probably never make a mod like this. However, I think it would be really cool if it started out with Father Grigori completely sane and as time passes he slowly becomes the Father Grigori from Half Life 2. That’s just my opinion, so I obviously voted yes.

  17. Azzno

    iy would ruin the entire plot

  18. I’m no big fan of father grigori, too… and the ravenholm-levels (HL2) got boring the second time I played them! so: NO

  19. I wouldn’t mind the history came from greg but I believe he belongs to Ravenholm,but what happens to him after the combine falling ,does he survive?

  20. It could be fun. For a bit.

    Think: Stuck in Ravenholm, no combine to shoot, no other people, and pretty much all to do is shoot zombies.

    Unless, of course, you brought him out of Ravenholm. But that would defy his character.

  21. Mordoz Lord of Cookies

    He was around before Ravenholm, and if alive, will be after it. It doesn’t defy his character, it only allows him to grow more as a character..he’d still be crazy as ever, just a great member to have on your team..plenty of zombies to shoot to keep him happy anywhere in halflife world. I personal would love to know more about this crazy priest…his history, perhaps given up in tidbits in his words “I used to do this back in the motherland shooting rats as a child hahaha such fun we had!” something like that…overall, I think it all depends on how it is presented in how that idea would work or not. I trust valve to do the story justice, Grigori still alive or not.

  22. No, Father Grigori has a huge personality which makes for a great NPC, but NOT for the main character of an FPS.

  23. Frohman Zelinsky

    Well , on the attack side he has a good weapon and looks like hes a man who can handle a town full of zombies. But dont even get me started on personaly hygiene. I would say consider twice.

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