1. Tycell

    I voted yes, Achievements haven’t made me play HL2 Ep2 more, they are quirky and a good idea on behalf of VALVe but the only down side there is, as stated, no reward for completing them. I would love to see achievements implemented into a mod where you actually receive a reward for completing said achievement. Like activating a bonus map or unlocking a special weapons cache. Even so much as a little bonus fight just for fun in an area which otherwise was a walkthrough or puzzle based one.

    Achievements are a good idea but I do believe you need to add rewards for players if they take the time to actually complete them, especially for some of the harder achievements where players will have to focus and put much time and effort into completing.

  2. CrowbarSka

    To be honest I rarely enjoy mods enough to play them a second time (only in rare cases like Minerva and Riot Act). I don’t think achievements would make me enjoy something any more than I already do, but they are fun if it was good in the first place.

  3. bkadar

    more achievements , less mods

  4. Aniline

    Agree with Tycell. Some of the achievements in HL2 were also counter-intuitive (kill all the larvae – WTF?). But I guess you can ignore them, so each to his/her own.

  5. Bema

    I’m in two minds on this.

    If I were to include achivements in a mod I was making, they’d be divided up into two categories:

    “Practical” and “Easter Eggs”

    So with “Practical” you’d get an achivement for completing certain tasks/missions.
    Easter Eggs would be just that. Say finding something, or speaking to someone – but something you’re not required to do to pass through the level. So find an entrance to a secret weapons stash – or talking to an NPC about Lost!

    But then it could become fairly retarded. I don’t play mods in the same way I do comercial games. Maybe it’s about time mod makers adressed that?

  6. bkadar

    if it get me a special map, or weapon,bonus thingy sure.i liked the ravenholm mod you dont get the grav gun until you play through once, annoyed me at first but then became determined to get it. maybe steam could give reward points for achievements to use for purchases.or miles.:)

  7. It depends on the achievements. Some people come up with really dumb ideas that are either utterly tedious or ridiculously difficult. I don’t think they should actually unlock anything, they’re just bragging rights.

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